Emergency…New Number !!!

Do we dial 999?

Do we dial 112?

Do we dial 911?

Confused…you will be!!!


7 Responses to Emergency…New Number !!!

  1. You had best take a look at the Welsh version then, it doesn’t add up
    I’m even more confused because the sound has gone on my PC! (I tried very hard to lip read) some stunt Granny ehh.

  2. They have a system here in Rochester, “311” for city services, (non-emergency) and they have been getting people confusing them with 911. (The usual emergency number her e in Rochester, and all of the U.S.)

  3. …oh, and i forgot, LOL. That was great! She’s the equivalent of the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” lady from the 90’s commercials here:

  4. Caroline says:

    famtastic! I have one client who regularly rings the police to come and close her curtains – I bet she could learn it!

  5. Bendy Girl says:

    Nice video! Are they actually going to go ahead with plans to change the emergency number? I remember seeing reports it was to be changed a few years back now. Hope you’re ok big bro, lil sis x

  6. kingmagic says:

    UHDD…is it an emergency number for a tree surgeon?

    Mr. Nighttime…I like the look on her face just prior to the second fall!

    Caroline…we have just started to employ someone specifically to build a case against inapproriate callers (the regulars) liasing with social services etc.

    Lil sis…still staying 999 for the forseeable future. Some parts of the UK have 888 for non emergency stuff. Big Bro x.

  7. For the deaf in london its … 18001 0300 123 1212 – Sorry hearing impared.

    Where is that diversity course again >?

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