Ambulance Hijacked…!!!



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Yet another example of how dangerous our job is becoming! The crew were threatened with a hand gun and the vehicle stolen and then crashed into several cars. And then a second crew were dispatched to attend to the gunman because he had injured himself! I would have demanded that the Police Tasered him to within a bollocks hair of his life before I went anywhere near the scrote!!!

Click here for news report The Incident

Tom Reynolds has just written about this incident and like him I hope the crew were okay and afforded the best support possible. But we know that this scrote will probably receive better treatment than the crew. Its about time examples were made…and I cant think of a more deserving incident than this for that example to be made!


9 Responses to Ambulance Hijacked…!!!

  1. Stonehead says:

    It is thought the trouble may have been sparked by the patient’s unhappiness at the choice of hospital.

    No, it was caused by a violent thug with no respect for anyone who knew he could pull a gun on the crew with relative impunity.

  2. Similar thing happened to some crews that I worked with back in the late 80’s/early 90’s. In one case, the crew just pulled into the ER with the patient, and while in the ambulance bay, someone opened the back door, flashed a gun, told the medic to get out, and then shot the patient right in the stretcher.

    They don’t call NYC “Fun City” for nothing.

    Glad the crew involved in the hijacking was ok. I agree with you, a long, slow tasering was in order, as well as a few well placed Maglite hits.

  3. Emma says:

    Shouldn’t he just have been grateful for the Ambulance full stop!

    He was obviously of the same ilk as the ones I have mentioned on my latest post.

    Beyond belief though..

  4. emsguy64 says:

    Funny how “gun” control laws never disarm the people they’re SUPPOSED too.

    Do UK ambulances carry any narcotics like Morphine Sulfate or Demerol? At my service we carry MS04, Fentanyl, Demerol and Valium.

  5. kingmagic says:

    Stonehead…it will be interesting to see what he gets at court?

    Mr. Nighttime…I would like to see the service put in place a protocol for defensive actions, ie a right good smacking and well placed kicks to kidney areas, but I feel that may be frowned upon.

    Emma…its steadily getting worse and even though we have rights to protect ourselves, our patient and our vehicle (yeah right!) the firm would sack us first as its easier than having to defend a court action against us!

    emsguy64…we carry morphine but we are as careful as careful can be in storing it in secure safes on board…but if a scrote wanted it badly enough then I would not stand in his/her way if he/she was armed!

  6. emsguy64 says:

    We have cheap. sheet-metal lock boxes on our trucks, but many folks carry the “candy store” on their persons. Just North of us in the “big city” of Albuquerque, they are issued a special belt case for their narcs. We were carrying our MS04 in vials but now carry it in ampules. I had the oh so special treat of dropping one the other day and it went POOF on the floor of the truck. I just LOVE extra paper work… NOT!

    What are your protocols for MS04? At my current level (EMT-Intermediate)I can use it with on-line Dr’s orders, but once I upgrade to Paramedic, I will be able to give it, and other narcs, on standing orders.

  7. kingmagic says:

    emsguy64…our regs are very strict as to the carrying of drugs. If any go missing or are unaccounted for then the shit hits the fan especially if its morph.

    We are autonomous in giving drug therapy so long as it adheres to certain criteria as with any medicine prescribed. If we wanted to go outside of the criteria for a certain drug then we can ask a doc if its okay.

  8. i am the medic whose ambo he stole…..

    it was going to be a hostage situation so he has told the cid dealing with it to get to see his kids..
    and i want to see mine again so as you do throw the trusty prf folder open the door bon voyage, land on the road whilst we are still going along!!!

    clever man as his addy is a high risk and i never met him before being out of area he went to his brothers and called from there… his brother knew what his game plan was and let us go in to his house come out knowing full well he is armed…

    well he got tasered and the 4 trojan officers gave him a good ole fashion kick in.. well done boys….

    management who are they??????????????????????

  9. kingmagic says:

    hijacked medic…Is he still in custody or has he been bailed to attempt it again? Sounds like he had it well planned.
    Management…I can imagine their first thoughts would have been about the vehicle and hitting response times!!!
    Glad you are okay?

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