Off On Hols…!!!

Am flying out to t,Eygpt today. Two weeks of diving, parasailing, sunbathing, drinking, eating and making sand castles! See you when I get back.


8 Responses to Off On Hols…!!!

  1. Bendy Girl says:

    Have a wonderful time and don’t forget the postcards! lil sis x

  2. Hey! Have a good time, and bring me back a falafel!

  3. MarkUK says:

    Have a great time. Watch out for the camels.

  4. Simon Boas says:

    Have a lovely trip! As one of the (many?) middle-east-based fans of your blog, I wish you a particularly good time in Egypt! Used to work there myself before coming to Palestine. Anyway, salamaat!

  5. weescotchlass says:

    Have a great time while we drown here in the UK!


  6. joan says:

    Have a great time and chill
    take care

  7. kingmagic says:

    BG…forgot the postcards! Sorry, was affected by the sun too much. x

    Mr.Nighttime…had plenty of falafel…probably my favourite dish that I ate whilst out there. (Apart from chips!!!)

    AnneDroid…had plenty of big fun and saw some BIG, I mean BIG fish that had teeth and stuff!

    MarkUK…saw plenty of camels, and did the riding thing although they stunk abit. Although to be fair that might have been me!

    Simon Boas…thanks Simon. Had a good time but it smacked too much of a ‘touristy’ thing. I like to explore and have a bit of adventure whilst abroad. Next year…Afghanistan!

    weescotchlass…has it been raining here? Could have done with some in Egypt!

    joan…thanks joan. Now need a two week holiday to get over the holiday!

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