Eyes Wide Shut…!!!

Eyes Wide Shut!
Eyes Wide Shut!

A week end of varying jobs that included some major stuff which I’m going to have to leave until a later date. This being due to the fact that a couple of jobs were very ‘out of the norm’ and could be traced back to the caller. I’ll wait until the heat dies down on those ones maybe.

Manky Mucky Infected Feet...!!!

Manky Mucky Infected Feet...!!!

But one job that stands out (from an Ambulance point of view but not necessarily the patients point of view) is the incident involving OTCs (Over The Counter medications). Every day/week/month/year more and more medications are available to buy at the chemist whereas at one time they were only given out on prescription from a doctor.

But as information becomes more readily available and a whole raft of instructions and guidance comes in the medication packaging it is assumed that the user will either read the ‘patient information sheet’ or take care when taking their medicine.

Eye Medicine

Eye Medicine

And so we lead on to the case of the woman arriving in A/E with a wet flannel clamped to her eye after using ‘eye drops’. This, you would think, is a pretty easy task…application of eye drops via a ‘dropper’ onto the afflicted eye. But unfortunately this lady also suffers from a fungal foot infection. This is also being treated with a medicine.

Anti Fungal Foot Medicine...NOT Eye Medicine...!!!

Anti Fungal Foot Medicine...NOT Eye Medicine...!!!

Using my imagination I could see a whole story line unfolding like a plot in the early stages of an episode of ‘Casualty’. With a little more thought power I also envisaged Michael Burke talking through the scene with back ground music from the BBC ‘999’ programme. “Dud, dud duhhh!”  I asked the lady what had happened and she explained that she was in a rush and instead of using OPTREX’  eye drops she had foolishly used Curanail’  anti-fungal paint instead!!!


On a more positive note I did inform her that if she was to put ‘OPTREX’ on her feet then she would not trip up at night! I think she saw the funny side…although only with one eye! 


7 Responses to Eyes Wide Shut…!!!

  1. Bendy Girl says:

    Ouch indeed! A friend of mine once mixed up Canestan (sp) cream with her tube of depilatory cream (Immac for the interested!) She did say she wondered why canestan produced such a burning sensation, but somehow managed not to notice the mix up until 24 hours later, I’ve never really understood how it took that long!
    lil sis x

  2. kingmagic says:

    Lil sis…your talking about womanly things which invariably leads onto ‘womens plumbing’! x

  3. Ow….Ow!…OWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

  4. Ah, ha! fell runners feet.

  5. kingmagic says:

    Mr. Nighttime…me thinks the injury sustained may have smarted a tad!

    UHDD…I dont think I used nail varnish when I was fell running! Although I do remember spending shed loads of money on ‘moleskin’ which was simply superb!

  6. “Mr. Nighttime…me thinks the injury sustained may have smarted a tad!”

    Yeah, well, they won’t have to worry about conjunctivitis for a long time. 😉

  7. aleksman71 says:

    I hope this is red nail color

    Popravilo racunalnikov na dom

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