Tip Top T Shirts…!!!

Inspector Gadget T Shirt

Inspector Gadget T Shirt

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a fashion monster or style guru then have a look at the T shirts and stuff that you can obtain from Inspector Gadget. Some people collect beer mats, some collect train numbers and others collect sexually transmitted diseases…but that’s another matter. Me…? I collect T shirts. And you cant go far wrong with acquiring a snazzy blue ‘Ruralshire Constabulary’ garment. I might even have a go at producing a ‘SWAB Team 6’ T shirt in the near future.

'You Couldnt Make It Up'

'You Couldnt Make It Up'


6 Responses to Tip Top T Shirts…!!!

  1. inspectorgadget says:

    That’s three of us have them then; you, me and Dan Collins! And his was free!

  2. Bernie says:

    I have one too.

  3. Is this site a franchise for Gadget merchandise, or are you Mr 10%?

  4. Hmm…can I get one of those here in the Sates?

  5. kingmagic says:

    IG…cant wait to see one pop up on ‘Top Gear’ in the audience or somewhere.

    Bernie…its better than what we get issued. The ones we get are very heavy duty t shirts that make you sweat like the proverbial.

    UHDD…I never thought of that, I should have asked for commission or a discount. Watch for the postman over the next couple of days.

    Mr. Nighttime…I’m not sure if IG is shipping abroad yet? Drop him a line on his site.

  6. Cheers Km, much appreciated; the dog is always looking for the postman….

    ‘IG…cant wait to see one pop up on ‘Top Gear’ in the audience or somewhere.’
    Jeremy Clarkson wearing one now that would be a result

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