‘Street Soldier…!!!’

A Group of ‘Hoodies’ or ‘Soldjas’ (also known as a ‘Thicket’)

Walking into the Police interview room we were shown our ‘patient’! A scrawny ‘yoof’  lounging in a chair with his feet on the desk. We had been called because the Police officers were a bit concerned about his behaviour as he was not making much sense and was rambling on and on. It was when he was in one of his more lucid states that he told the Police officers that he had taken a whole lot of XTC tablets!

Right…first things first:

  • his airway was fine as he would not shut the f**k up!
  • this meant that his breathing was okay
  • hence his heart was working
  • and that he was fully conscious!…unfortunately!

Shining a light in his eyes revealed pupils big as saucers! A sign of either oxygen deprivation, fear or as in this ‘yoofs’ case the possible taking of substances known or unknown! “How many pills have you taken then?” I asked him resisting the urge to knock his feet off the table and get him to sit up. I was aware of all the cameras and microphones around so I basically sat on my hands trying to avoid punching the little s***s lights out. (Not conducive to good patient care and my bosses would probably frown upon such action)

“I’ve tekken tweny I fink. No probs tho. Drugs are gud man. Dont affect me know what I mean?”  It looked and sounded like he had taken something and he probably would be okay but we need to cover our backs same as the Police. So we decided to take him down to A/E to be checked out. This is where he started gobbing off big style and demanded to be taken home and that “the ‘Filth’ had no right to arrest him because he earns good money and dat ting!”  He started to finish off every sentence with “Innit!”

So whilst waiting for him to be bailed I ask him general questions about his drug taking, alcohol intake and what his job is? “I aint telling youse nuffink…I’m a ‘Soldja!’ I know people you know what I mean. Innit!” And then in all my night shift befuddlement I ask him “Soldier eh? What regiment?”  He looks up at me not understanding so I ask again, “What regiment are you in then?”

“I aint in no army man! I’m a ‘Street Soldja’ innit!”  I feel my knuckles tighten as my hands curl into fists behind my back. He spouts off about how he can get hold of guns and is not afraid of ’nuffink’. I cant stand these so called ‘Street soldiers’ who run around in gangs terrorising the local community and getting away with it more often than not. But, if I or any other member of the public, should give one of these so called ‘Soldjas’ a well deserved kicking it would be our jobs and livelihoods on the line.


All the while he is acting the big man swearing and swaggering around. What has happened to the good old days of ‘Gene Hunt’ and the ‘Sweeney’ when a well placed ‘dig’ to the kidneys or an ‘accidental’ elbow to the back of the head was all part of the criminals occupational hazards.

The Police were glad to get rid of him although it seemed he was playing the game knowing that if he played the ‘overdose’ card he would get bailed or de-arrested. We all have to pay our mortgages and its a big risk for a little s**t like he was. So it was off down to the A/E to add him to all the other drunks/druggies/assaults/half-hearted suicides/dick heads and other assorted jetsom and flotsam of society. 

I was thinking that he need a reality check…then I tought that what he does on a daily basis is his reality. Because people like him are allowed to get away with their behaviour whilst law abiding people are expected to put up and shut up! He knows that he can almost do as he likes and that ‘respect’ (in the true sense of the word) does not exist for others only for the other ‘Soldjas’ in his gang.

What a knob head…!!!



11 Responses to ‘Street Soldier…!!!’

  1. …and he will be found dead one day, with a trail of destruction left behind to haunt his family. He may have his “respect,” but he’ll have little else. Unfortunately for him, he left his own self-respect behind a long time ago.

  2. Louise says:

    Frightening the attitude some of these guys (and girls) have. I haven’t encounted the same kinda thing this side of the border yet but I dare say it’ll happen in time!

  3. Bendy Girl says:

    You’re so right, they do it because they can get away with it-it’s sickening. I’d like to see people like him made to go out and do the jobs our real soldiers do, then see if they’re still whining for ‘respect’
    Take care big bro x

  4. kingmagic says:

    Mr. Nighttime…this kid was a first class gob shite. His atitude was deserving of a thousand kickings from all and sundry. It galled me that the Police, and us, had to watch our Ps and Qs in case it offended him.

    Louise…it will come. It will come. Just dont put your job, or your life, on the line for these scumbags.

    Bendy Girl…lil sis, he would not last 2 minutes as if the Taliban did’nt get him then the real soldiers would. A first class tosser that really got to me and thats what ranckles…I should be allowed to voice my opinion of him without fearing repercussions. In the good old days he would have been given a good slapping! Big Bro..x

  5. Emma says:

    I decided to go shopping yesterday morning before rugby and walked onto the main shooping road where I live, it’s not that bad an area where I am, just some streets are worse then others, for example three streets in a row and one is just an ordinary terraced street, one is quite pleasant with a small park and the other seems to hoard all the undsirables of the area.

    Guess which one I decided to walk back down on the way home, yep, thinking I would be ok at that time of day, but no is my short walk home I was asked by what looked no more than a 10 yr old for a light to start with, when I told him I didn’t smoke he told me to fuck off.

    Then at the top of one of the terraces was another undsirable asking me if I fancied a shag….it was laughable really but still made me feel very uneasy.

    Dregs of society everyone of them..x

  6. “Mr. Nighttime…this kid was a first class gob shite.”

    Ah, you used my favorite descriptive term. I act in local professional theatre, and did an Irish play by Jimmy Murphy back in 2005 called “The Kings Of The Kilburn High Road.” I had the joy of using “gobshite” (amongst other uniquely Anglo curses) quite liberally. Of course, I have used it from time-to-time here, and my non-theatre friends just look at me and say, “What was that word?”

    I totally understand where you are coming from though. In many ways, from what I read in British newspapers, political correctness has gone overboard even more there than here. I was totally flabbergasted when I read about BA stopping serving meat on in-flight meals in order not to offend Hindus. If a Hindu does not want a meat dish, THEY WON’T BLOODY ORDER IT!


  7. Tony F says:

    Words fail. Political Correctness, and ‘human rights’ . Why is it that the none humans amongst us have the rights that the rest of us do not have?

  8. KT says:

    An Ambo from downunder here, similar situation with political correctness that makes you want to scream. We had a 21YOF ‘Droid’ (our word for these joyful drains on society) who was on the ground clutching her abdo screaming, surrounded by 20 family members having a brawl… needless to say we were assisted by police in getting her on a stretcher when she decided to start beating up one of the police officers there to assist us. Abdo pain turned out to be playing possum, and despite assaulting police and spitting at us ambo’s we had to be on best behavior as these people are the most likely to lodge official complaints and ruin our career if we ‘offend their sensitive feelings’…

    Makes me sick.

  9. kingmagic says:

    Emma…a ten year old smoking? He must have been a late starter! x

    Mr. Nighttime…I have Irish ancestry. Hence the odd descriptive phrase which trips off my tongue from time to time. To be Sure.

    Tony F…its because they are allowed to get away with it. In years to come when these dickheads are pensioners what are they going to be like then? Geriatric hoodies with zimmers and packing a piece probably!

    KT…its a bastard having to be nice all the time just in case they complain. Political correctness is one thing but weak management who find it easier to discipline their road staff rather than telling the complainent to get a life make the job even harder.

  10. […] red-hot stove always burns. Posted on September 28, 2008 by whichendbites Having read this little piece from Kingmagic, it is clear that many of us who operate within what is known as the Public Service […]

  11. nightjack says:

    Absolutely 100% the way it is. Thanks

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