Busting Some Shapes At The Discotheque…!

I have recently been to a fair few jobs within the confines of buildings dubiously labelled as ‘Nightclubs’! All the jobs were alcohol related and involved various degrees of violence or levels of drunkenness. What amazed me was how crap the dancing was! Whilst shouting to get the patients attention and trying to avoid the bouncer (sorry door supervisor/floor security technician) as he smacked the aggravating party in the mouth beside me…I was able to glance towards the dance floor and see the ‘yoof’ trying to dance in an effort to impress their girlfriends/boyfriends/mates/themselves/bystanders.

Here is how I dance when I’m out on the Guinness and enjoying myself….

Having been to a fair few ‘Discotheques’ in my time I find that the ones overseas tend to be frequented by a more select kind of people. In my area, as probably all over the UK, ours tend to be full of life’s undesirables to put it nicely.

As opposed to the likes of Sweden who have nightclubs full of nice people enjoying the social aspect of going out with friends.

A Pleasant Discotheque…

A Typical Swedish Discotheque…

A Rather Typical English Discotheque…

I just love seeing chavs trying to be all cool and wicked with their dance moves. That’s probably why the fights start to take away the attention of the crap dancing!


14 Responses to Busting Some Shapes At The Discotheque…!

  1. Stonehead says:

    Be glad you’ve never been to an Australian one…

  2. I shall be dancing and making merry this very weekend, bring it on…… don’t stop me now… I’m having a good time!!!!!!

  3. As I am old enough to remember the days of true “disco,” the 70’s kind, I remember that going out meant dressing up. While there were always undesirable types at any club, at least they looked good and had all their teeth.

    Adam’s Apple, Wednesday’s The Soap Factory, these were the clubs that myself and my friends would frequent, always in a suit of some kind, leisure or not. While one could get away with designer jeans, Levi’s were a no-no, as were sweat pants, (Trainers, I believe you call them there?) sneakers, and anything else in the picture of the English disco you posted.

    Fortunately, I returned to my senses within a short period of time, especially as I got more into jazz and blues. Ah, but one could get lucky on a Sat. night, if one was very good at using the right pick-up line.

    I think I will need to know more about Sweden though… 😉

  4. Ian Hepburn says:

    As A Paramedic who recentially retired after 20 years qualified and 28 years on the service, all your experiencies are so true to life especially the Fri ,Sat night pissheads the last weekend I was working as an E.C.S.W. 7 out of 9 jobs were drink related and did not require an Ambulance,but people nowadays are incapable of helping themselves and having a shortage of commen sense have to resort to other people bacause they wont take responsibility for their own action i.e my drinks been spiked, or Ive only had two pints.Good Luck in Your Future

  5. kingmagic says:

    Ian…cheers for that. I,m on nights tonight so no doubt I will be seeing more drink related jobs. Enjoy your retirement and have a few pints for me.

  6. […] Busting some shapes at the discotheque…! posted by kingmagic. […]

  7. Oona says:

    Awww, I am SO glad I found you!! I had to go look for one of my WP blogs so I could comment you. I laughed so much over your diso pics of the various locations. It is very early in the morning where I am, and your post just cheered me right up. Thank you.

    Then I realised you are a paramedic after I scrolled to the top of your blog, and that made me happy as I had a paramedic save my life once, and I am also net friends with one around NY somewhere, so I shall tell him about your blog.

    See, now you have a new reader! 🙂

    Oona =^..^=

  8. kingmagic says:

    Oona…thanks for dropping by. Glad I made you laugh. I try and mix humour with serious stuff from time to time. Cheers.

  9. Oona says:

    I was just reading your first posts ever and remembering back when I first started blogging. These WordPress sites are a bit different, and I notice that it also gives the link, not to my Wp but to my Lj. And look at you! 2 years down the road, and your profile pic has no monkey on it!! You look like…*looks at profile avatar…well, a blockhead here in the comments! 😀

  10. Oona says:

    my bad, it just has a mind of its own and shows up when it wants to. It must be the monkey!

  11. kingmagic says:

    Oona…for some reason when WordPress changed the avatar options I lost mine! I tried everything to set it back up but nothing worked. If anyone knows how to get it back I would appreciate the help.

  12. Oona says:

    Well ffs! I just did my profile this morning, so I know it can be done now. Try logging in and going to this page:


    There should be a spot on the right that says ‘My Picture’ where you can upload a wee avatar from your computer. I used my Lj one at 100x100pixels (smallish), and it worked great!

    I also changed my website address to wordpress so maybe, just maybe, wp will notify me if I get a comment. I have found that people on websites rarely step off their accustomed domains to read other journals. If they are Lj, they stay there, melo there, Deadjournal there, wordpress there. I keep saying COME ON PEOPLE!! IT’S THE INTERWEBZ!! Click a friggin’ link ffs! But they are afraid. :[

    Good luck with the monkey!

  13. Oona says:

    I found something else having to do with showing or not showing the avatar: Try this page (I’ve substituted your username rather than mine)


  14. Hi,what a nice pants,thanks for sharing.I will get one like that.bill

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