Busting Some Shapes At The Discotheque…!

June 12, 2008

I have recently been to a fair few jobs within the confines of buildings dubiously labelled as ‘Nightclubs’! All the jobs were alcohol related and involved various degrees of violence or levels of drunkenness. What amazed me was how crap the dancing was! Whilst shouting to get the patients attention and trying to avoid the bouncer (sorry door supervisor/floor security technician) as he smacked the aggravating party in the mouth beside me…I was able to glance towards the dance floor and see the ‘yoof’ trying to dance in an effort to impress their girlfriends/boyfriends/mates/themselves/bystanders.

Here is how I dance when I’m out on the Guinness and enjoying myself….

Having been to a fair few ‘Discotheques’ in my time I find that the ones overseas tend to be frequented by a more select kind of people. In my area, as probably all over the UK, ours tend to be full of life’s undesirables to put it nicely.

As opposed to the likes of Sweden who have nightclubs full of nice people enjoying the social aspect of going out with friends.

A Pleasant Discotheque…

A Typical Swedish Discotheque…

A Rather Typical English Discotheque…

I just love seeing chavs trying to be all cool and wicked with their dance moves. That’s probably why the fights start to take away the attention of the crap dancing!