Holidays Booked…!!!

May 12, 2008

I,m off to Eygpt soon for a couple of weeks in August so I thought I would indulge myself by posting one of my favourite vids. Night Boat to Cairo by the superb Madness lads! Enjoy!

Madness…Superb! Brill!


‘Ear We Go Again…!!!’

May 12, 2008

The Night!

Weekend nights are brill! No, truly they are. They are absolutely one hundred percent ace! I love them! I always feel half pissed when driving home in the morning after inhaling the fumes from our alcohol soaked ‘patients’ so it saves me a fortune in going out myself!

And it reminds you that there are some sick bastards out there (not medically sick but deranged mad people) who use alcohol as an excuse to vent their anger on others. Most of the jobs I attended over the week end were drink related (no shit Sherlock!) but the assaults are becoming more and more regularly vicious.

One such assault was a chap in his thirties out for a few drinks who was attacked for no reason and had his ear ‘chewed’. I guess his assailant must have been hungry. The following picture is not of our patient but demonstrates that surgery has become more advanced through the practice of sewing ears back on!

‘Anyone for a pork scratching?’

Further stories of ‘derring do’ from my weekend nights will be coming up shortly. I need to rearrange my body clock again! Hope the picture has not put anyone off their tea?