Something Cheerful…!!!

Forgive me…I know its been a lovely sunny day and spring is here and all that. But whilst checking out ‘Third Watch’ videos I came across this clip which uses Enya for the soundtrack from the episode and depicts the mourning of a colleague. I like the show, I like most of Enyas stuff and I thought rather than write an uplifting, motivational, inspirational and somewhat jovial post I’d give you something more mellow.

Next post will be more cheerful…I hope!


6 Responses to Something Cheerful…!!!

  1. Bendy Girl says:

    I’ve never heard of third watch, is it a show? lis sis

  2. It was a show here in the States from a few years back that intertwined the lives of firefighters, cops, and EMS medics and EMT’s working in the same area.

  3. If that’s your ‘mellow’, will you give us 48 hrs advance notice if you plan to post on your ‘sad’ please

  4. AnneDroid says:

    Very moving, on a day when I’ve been reading about “disenfranchised grief”. Thanks.

  5. Superman! says:

    RIP Ron, (I’m not if that’s what the theme was aimed to be, but still my condonlences to the family)

  6. kingmagic says:

    Lil Sis…I did a post some time ago about Third Watch. Big Bro x.

    Mr. Nighttime…still my favourite series.

    UHDD…was at a loose end thinking of what to post so hence the maudlin post. x.

    AnneDroid…this particular episode was the climax to a story that had been running for some time. A very unexpected ending. x.

    Superman…this was a fictional U.S. TV series which I enjoyed watching. Only problem is that I can only get the first series on DVD over here so far.

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