The Shift…!


Boots polished, uniform ironed, kit ready, pack up made, psyched up and ready to go. Suited and booted I,m ready for my next….”Night Shift!”


What strange manner of person form will I encounter tonight I wonder? And what myriad of ills, ailments and trauma will I come across?

I will let you know….when I,ve woken up tomorrow afternoon….



Don’t you just love em’?


2 Responses to The Shift…!

  1. Psyched up? more like psyched out :0

  2. kingmagic says:

    I have awoken from a deep slumber and having been degunged and fed and watered and toileted I now feel ready to get ready for bed again!

    UHDD….I met someone more psyched out than me last night than I ve seen in years so it made me feel a little bit better.

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