Under the (Snowy) Weather…!


My eyes are sore, red and gritty…!

My nose is running…and blocked at the same time!

My ears hurt as if needles are being poked about inside them…!

My throat is on fire…I feel as if I’ve swallowed a small hedgehog that was wearing a waistcoat made out of chilli and curry powder…!

My jaw and teeth ache and I feel like ripping them out…!

My limbs are weak with pain in all my joints…!

My senses are fuddled and hence the cartoon which displays a moment of undiplomatic maddness brought on by my…

Man Flu…!!!



10 Responses to Under the (Snowy) Weather…!

  1. Bendy Girl says:

    Oh no! Feel better soon, lil sis BG x

  2. nightjack says:

    Get well soon. Sleep, then more sleep. Works for me

  3. Carmelo says:

    You should call an ambulance, that very well might kill you..

  4. kingmagic says:

    Lil sis…starting to feel better. Big bro. x

    NJ…am knocking out as many zeds as poss.

    Carmelo…hope you are well and things are good?

    UHDD…thankyou, but where is the brow caressing?

  5. I’ve reviewed the situation; pull yourself together man, you’ve been moping about all week, get outside and get some fresh air, go run up a mountain or something it’ll do you the power of good.

  6. Emma says:

    Aw bless!! Hope you feel better soon M xx

  7. Louise says:

    Hot toddys are the way forward…….especially the whisky bit! Man Alive think I’ve been in Scotland too long!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Anonymous says:

    [Insert nerdy advice]
    Have some lemsip or take some paracetemol (Not both)

    you’ll feel better in no-time. Maybe you can become a Red 1 call for an ambulance by saying you have the man flu?:P
    [/Insert nerdy advice]

    Get well soon, we need you!

  9. AnneDroid says:

    Oh poor you. Man flu is no laughing matter, according to my husband. I’d rather have the cold myself than listen to comments (uttered in a wee pathetic sad whispery voice) like this: “You don’t know what it’s like….” to which I want to say briskly and sarcastically, “No, that’s right. I’ve never had the cold. NOT” – but I don’t (always).
    Get well soon.

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