Ecstasy and Agony…!


I recently had occasion to speak to one of our new A/E docs. He had just started his placement and was keen as mustard absorbing all the new sights, sounds and smells of the different patients that graced the department. Most doctors remember with some fondness their time in A/E before specialising elsewhere in the NHS. The things that are seen and heard in A/E would be dismissed as sheer fantasy by people not working within the profession.

And so it was that we started on the subject of drug abuse within society and the many, varied and ingenious ways that people find to attain that high. If people want to absorb something potentially toxic and life threatening into their system in order to escape the day to day rigours of life then there is a myriad of ways available.

From the obvious…alcohol, beer and spirits swallowed with relish in many a fine drinking emporium. To the smoking of various tobaccos either legally or illegally with all the inherent health issues that it brings with it. To the more severe forms of edification such as the use of hard drugs…heroin, cocaine and the like.

So it was with great relish that I furnished the new A/E doctor with knowledge of the latest fashion of drug use. As I relayed this information he wrote many scribbles in his note book for future reference, not daring to miss any snippet of advice on the subject. Drug users/abusers are renowned for their ingenious ways of sampling pharmaceutical bliss. 

I imparted the wisdom of many years experience and told him about the new way of taking “Ecstasy”. The user grounds up the tablet into a powder and places it into the bowl of a large spoon. This is then diluted with either milk or water to make a solution. The solution is then drawn up into a hypodermic syringe making sure there are no air bubbles present. It is then injected between the teeth!!!

As I was telling all this to the doctor, he occasionally muttered a “tut tut” or gently shook his head as he wrote down the instructions. At the end of this I then mentioned to him that it is only used in this way up north…Yorkshire to be precise.

And the medical name for this practice?…

“Eeee! By gum!”  


Bugger! Missed!


13 Responses to Ecstasy and Agony…!

  1. Groan and ughhhh, I thought you were going to have clicky linky things for you less savoury images!
    Go on what did you Google to find that one!

  2. Bendy Girl says:

    Haha, I like it! I’ll use that one, lil sis x

  3. nightjack says:

    Old but good. Lol NJ

  4. Nick Hough says:

    King, repeat after me, “I am a bad bad man!” 😛

    Like it though!

  5. kingmagic says:

    UHDD…could not do clicky linky as I was in a rush. Sorry.
    I think I Googled “teeth injections”

    Lil Sis..Thanks BG.

    NJ…I know its an old one but the best thing about it is that my story of telling it to a newbie A/E doc is true.

    Nick…I may be bad but it passes the hours away. Cheers.

  6. Emma says:

    You do it to me everytime you nutter!!! I was so engrossed in that I really didn’t expect the end result at all, still laughing my head off…xx

  7. This photo is totally wicked. I can’t sleep after see that 🙂

  8. andrew says:

    did you witness people doing this first hand?

    even if you did, why do you care what others do?

    if you’re shooting extasy between your teeth (nobody does this, I’d guess .1% of all extasy users have even heard of this) or having sex with goats, drug users and most everyone else do not care

  9. andrew says:

    this is such bs. of course a very very small amount of people have done this (but people are out there doing all sorts of dumb shit). honestly, the people out there shooting extasy between there teeth are FEW AND FAR BETWEEN

  10. andrew says:

    your use of hyperbole and realistic storytelling is clearly engrossing for imbeciles!! you should write for National Enquirer….

  11. kingmagic says:

    andrew…read it again, but slowly.

    It is a joke…a play on words using the Yorkshire dialect as the punch line.

    Everybody else got it…

    But thanks for commenting anyway.

  12. andrew says:

    I was drunk from the night before (hence my 3 comments) and I’m not British, so I missed the humor when I first read it, sorry bout that

  13. kingmagic says:

    andrew…no probs. Many a word has been typed by myself whilst under the influence of a pint or seven of Guinness. Talking of which…I will be partaking of the liquid black stuff tomorrow night in a local pub watching a local rock band and forgetting all about work…cant wait!

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