“Don’t Worry…About a Ting!”…



Turning into the street we were confronted by a mass of blue lights and smoke. The three fire engines were at the front of the house with hose wheels deployed and telescopic Halogen lights illuminating the full frontage of the scene.

We carefully park up behind the rear fire engine and don our helmets, hi-viz and collected the gear we may need. We’ve been called to a “House fire, persons reported!” Two teams of fire men wearing BA gear are already inside the house searching for the occupants.

We quickly located the boss Trumpton and asked for an update….”Four sets of BA are inside, two upstairs, two downstairs. At this moment in time we don’t believe there is anyone inside!”

Within a few minutes the search teams come out and and are checked off against the BA board. There is no one inside but they appear excited at what they have found whilst searching the smoke ridden house. The boss Trumpton tells us not to breath in the smoke that is emanating from the house….as we stand in the front garden looking at the wisps of smoke filtering between the house bricks and window sills as the “blower” vents the property.

The street is filled with even more blue lights as the Police turn up and park behind our truck. Within seconds the Sergeant enters into an animated discussion with the boss Trumpton. Whilst this is happening the smoke is blowing over us as the wind suddenly gusts and changes direction. “Thats odd! It doesn’t smell like a normal house fire should!” I mention to my mate.

“Thats because its not a normal house fire lads!” One of the firemen nearby tells us. “We,ve found a cannabis farm and the whole lot has almost gone up!” Looking around at the other firemen, the chiefs, the Police constable…..and my mate everyone is smiling! All the residents have come out into the street to have a good look….and to have a good sniff! Thoughts of setting up trestle tables in the middle of the street and having a party spring to mind. Some one some where must have a copy of Bob Marleys “Legend”.


We stayed on scene for a while longer…acting as “Safety crew” for the fire brigade while they continue damping down….honest! We are all very, very happy! Once it is deemed safe to enter and the Police have got their forensics squared away, we have a sneaky peek inside the downstairs of the house. It is like a scene from some jungle documentary. Every square inch of space is covered with cannabis plants, tin foil and now defunct heat lamps!

Within seconds of us calling “Clear not required, now green!”  on the radio we are given our next job……

Minutes later we are stood in front of an elderly chap with big, daft, stupid grins on our faces as he explains his reason for calling us. Every now and then one of us giggles….much to the puzzlement of our patient! I can’t help myself when I say to him “Don’t worry…about a ting! Cos every little ting…is gonna be alright!”  My crew mate has to go outside before he ruptures something!

Chilled to the max…!

37 Responses to “Don’t Worry…About a Ting!”…

  1. Emma says:

    The first time you told me about this I howled with laughing imagining you all laid back and relaxed but you wrote it so well this time I am in need of the little girls room…lol…love the cat at the bottom looks like Holly at this moment in time no drugs needed though just contentment…xx

  2. Bendy Girl says:

    OMG, that made me laugh so much! Glad to hear you had such a cheerful chilled workday for once, lil sis BG

  3. Dani says:

    that is hilarious!!!!! That must have been one of the most relaxed, stress free days ever.

    Just hope you dont get a random dugs test anythime soon!

  4. Kingmagic says:

    Emma…thanks. Hope you made it to the little girls room in time! Updated my blog roll for your blog.

    BG…its the little things that keep the job sane! I think!

  5. Nick Hough says:

    A definite perk of the job… 😛

  6. nightjack says:

    Good blog. A very good blog. Add 1 regular reader. Thanks

  7. JAMES says:


  8. kingmagic says:

    JAMES…thanks glad you like it! Keep dropping by.

  9. PS says:

    haha am very high at the moment and this story made me cry with laughter. Such a fantastic story, would love to heat more….


  10. kingmagic says:

    PS…glad you liked it. Since that night there has been a glut of cannabis ‘farms’ found in my area.

  11. Pijol says:

    I like rasta

  12. ivan says:

    lo mejor del reggae te quiero un resto

  13. musse says:

    hi my name is muse i want to bob hestre ples tell me ok thank u by

  14. sgub says:

    i like cannabis.give me some cannabis.plzzzzz

  15. noro147 says:

    vive marley et vive zetla

  16. kingmagic says:

    noro 147…Salut. Comme ca va?


    FIRST OF ALL I LIKE TO SAY HI EVERYONE. and i like to meet with every human bing. and more than any thing rasta man. and the other thing is any one you can contact with me any way.i like to know new things and new mans

  18. connor says:

    smoke up and play wow and live in pace mon

  19. MARTHA says:


  20. ya man we jammin. avin a smoke n tings. we like rasta we r rasta one love

  21. damian marley says:

    that was my house it had 150 cloned weed plants it was just me a stephen smoking a fat spliff about a foto long blunt we got increadibally stoned and i droped the spliff and then the fire spreaded my dreadlocks got caught on fire

  22. krusty says:

    ive got a bit of a ? that needs answering how many people in this world smoke weed do you reckon
    anyway bad story anyone watched saving grace just like this story bruv

  23. lorena says:

    aiiiii sigue demaciado bueno bob marley e sigo de sde siempre te kiero

  24. sive or ngalabesi says:

    greeting 2 u u mann jah raster farra, i want 2 pass words which are in my head space yes i ,i want 2 say 2 the rasterfarians mataku sarbi salam aki as well as 2 the lagend bob marley may all regaer stars soul rest in peace…

  25. Ashley says:

    Ilove bob marley

  26. Many people became, law calorie sweeten?To the residual, de especies asi?ticas.A $ Your, oil and apply.Breeders will make sneaky smoker, day A plate Since jazz was.Changing face of, States have the.,

  27. Dewi says:

    Bob marley……The legend of rasta…..
    Bob marley……The legend of reggae….

    Bob Marley……I LUPH U FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. zack says:

    i love bob marley and weed

  29. i miss you dad wanna smoke up a blunt sum time
    my adress is jamaica marley ave 420

  30. kimberly says:

    q mal pobrecitooooooooooooooo….

  31. Eco Green says:

    Politicians are 10 years behind the times when it comes to hemp use. People have been fighting for a long time against marijuana and pot prohibition with some movement going on now. Still too slow for those caught up in the jail system for possessing a little weed. Our freedoms have been trampled on by folks who know nothing about how beautiful cannabis can be for someones life, if one learns how to grow cannabis. Keep up the good work.

  32. svatee says:

    chilled to the max – sure we can

  33. kayla says:

    i feel bad for thebaby kitten that was inthe fire

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