Bringing Out The Dead…!

Night shifts are really draining for me. Twenty years ago a busy night shift was doing two or three jobs per crew….now if you do seven or eight jobs per crew then that is deemed a slack night! Average per crew at my station is between nine and eleven jobs per night shift.

If it was real emergencies we were going to then it might not be so bad, but….the vast majority of these so-called emergencies are of such a trivial and sometimes ridiculous nature that eventually you become worn down and start to resent night shifts.

I know I do….I hate night shifts with a passion because I know that for every real life threatening job I am going to deal with there will be at least ten others which require nothing more than education….or a quick cutting/slashing motion across the jugular with a sharpened metal Patient Report Form clipboard!!!

One of the best films that I have seen recently is the very dark “Bringing Out The Dead” released I believe in 1999 and starring Nicholas Cage as a New York Paramedic working in Hells Kitchen, Manhatten who is having a breakdown…on nights! If you ever get the chance to see it then do. Click here for a bit more info.


8 Responses to Bringing Out The Dead…!

  1. Bendygirl says:

    Such a good (if deeply disturbing!) film. If you’ve not read it, the book is by Joe Connelly and well worth it.
    Everyone I know who does nights says the same, you have my admiration as it’s not something I could or would do, hope tonight and tomorrow treat you kindly with the bad weather. BG (lil sis!) x

  2. Factor in the fact there is just so much night, in a night shift at this time of the year and it comes as no surprise it wears you down; it must be like being a pit pony.
    Don’t forget the hat tonight.

    Why so many more calls than there used to be? (apart from more people)

  3. Film looks really good, will have to investigate further. Never even heard of it before. Another Cage film that I love is National Treasure – waiting for the new one to come out then I’m dragging at least one of my friends to the cinema!

  4. Kingmagic says:

    People want to be sorted like yesterday!

    No-one has the patience to wait those extra few hours to see the GP, go to the chemist, buy some pain-killers from the garage, let the situation settle or even treat themselves with a bit of basic first aid!

    Society used to be….get up in the morning, have breakfast, go to work, come home, have tea, maybe go to pub for a couple of beers/go to the flicks/go to the gym, come home, go to bed and sleep! Then start all over again.

    But now we have people who like the night time and rather than knock out some zeds they prefer to live in the twilight zone.

    And the government keep telling people to ring 999. Oh and the GPs keep telling people to dial 999!

    Common sense should be taught in schools!!!

  5. Emma says:

    I won’t get on my soapbox about common sense because you have heard it all before….but thanks KM for the Nicholas Cage spot….Mmmmm, excellent film but then all his are to me…xx

  6. KT says:

    Wow, I remember when I used to work nights… it’s the 3-5am that hits you the hardest – time seems to stand still!

    Fantastic movie though, first rented it when it came out on DVD – went out straight away and bought my own copy.

  7. Superman! says:

    Fantastic movie!, I’ll tell you one that isn’t though; CLOVERFIELD! It’s the crappest piece of shite I have ever watched; sort of like a cross between Godzilla and The Blair Witch Project. Seriously, I have just wasted £7.20 on watching it, and I am setting about trying to protect Britains Pockets! DO NOT WATCH IT! It’s awful!

  8. emmbee says:

    Brilliant film. Someone brought it in when I was at Training School (at the ‘Nam) and we all thought maybe this is what its really like.
    Sort of, but more old people on the floor.
    Right from the begining when John Goodman says “Why are they always on the top floor?” Fantastic.
    What has been going on the last few months? It sounds like its been busy all over.

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