I Wish…..!!!

I wish that we could be allowed a greater degree of autonomy when it comes to dealing with patients. Rather than having to prescribe to a rigid protocol or algorhythm we should be allowed to administer a certain amount of “Corrective Re-Education” to our cerebrally challenged clients!


For instance….if you should by any chance happen to be prescribed sleeping pills (diazepam 2mg – take one at bedtime) and then feel drowsy, then please when you dial 999 at 3 in the morning do not be surprised to be soundly beaten about the head and body!


 Also Available in Ambulance Green…

Why do I seem to get these patients when I,m on nights?


8 Responses to I Wish…..!!!

  1. Emma says:

    Good idea, how many times do you need it though?..xx

  2. Bendygirl says:

    Oh no! The sheer stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me, I’m sure no jury would convict you of anything under the circumstances 😉 BG x

  3. mousie says:

    Where do I get one?!

  4. SANDY G. says:

    I’m with Mousie, where can I get one for the general public? I’m not a doctor or in the medical field, but there are days when it would sure come in handy! LOL

    (This is my response to your post on my blog. I wanted to copy it here in case you didn’t see it.) – No problem. I love your site and hope you keep blogging! It has been a little cool here the last few days (below zero), but we finally got some snow yesterday!

    Thanks for stopping by my site. Try not to let the less than intelligent wear you down.

    ~Sandy G.

  5. Kingmagic says:

    Emma…several times a shift!

    Bendygirl…you never know!

    Mousie…I,ll send you my old one!

    Sandy G…thanks and keep warm!

  6. you could have sung them a lullaby, then beat them soundly

  7. sergeantsays says:

    the key is dealing with an incident in the best way, and then using imaginative wordplay to let the superiors who monitor such things think that it was done the official way.

  8. Kingmagic says:

    Sergeant says….the only problem with the “word play” is that it is difficult to disguise the phrase “I heard the sickening thud of aluminium baseball bat against cracking, splintering bone as it opened up the skull like a bursting packet of crisps!”

    But I will endeavour to utilise your good advice in future forays with the general public.

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