New Year Resolutions…!


I (thats me and no-one else), being of sound mind and body (?), do lawfully and unreservedly declare that I, King Mordecai Obadiah Montgomery Sven Magic, will not be making any New Years resolutions this year. Until next year maybe…depending on my state of mind and amount of Guinness consumed. 


Everyone…have a safe and brilliant New Year and if you ever get low or you are feeling down then remember my family motto…

“Semper In Faciebus, Sumus Sole Profundum Variat!”

“Were always in the shit, its just the depth that varies!”


12 Responses to New Year Resolutions…!

  1. mousie says:

    So you resolve not to make any resolutions then?!

    BTW, I don’t mean to be rude, but I thought someone should tip you the wink – did you know your blog’s got dandruff?

  2. Kat says:

    LOL I thought that was some Latin referring to Facebook!

  3. Kingmagic says:

    mousie…thats not dandruff…its ickle spots of love and happiness permeating the ether.

    Kat…glad I made you laugh…

  4. And whatever the depth of the s**t, it’s up to you to choose, to sink or swim.
    Happy new year KM. all the best and all the best Guinness

  5. bendygirl says:

    Happy New Year KM, wishing you happiness and lots of guinness! Hugs BG x

  6. Nick Hough says:

    Happy New Year Kingmagic. Oh, and Guinness, damn fine choice 😉


  7. Thanks for the comment on my blog Kingmagic, and a happy new year to you.

    My new years resolution is to keep up with the blogging!

  8. pcsouthwest says:

    All the best and happy new year !!

  9. Laura says:

    Happy New Year!

    Big Hugs and kisses xxxxxxxxxx

  10. little medic says:

    Happy New Year – I wish i’d not made any resolutions now – i’m dying for some chocolate.

  11. I never make any New Year Resolutions. If I’m gonna do something (like give up chocolate or whatever), I don’t need it to be a special date to do it.

  12. billy boobs says:

    hope u had a great new year your goal next year should be not to die!!!lol

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