Christmas Craziness…!!!

I know this happens all year round, but it seems to get highlighted more at Christmas. The stupid, idiotic, insane, crazy, moronic calls that we get in the Ambulance Service. And our colleagues in the Police and Fire.

Click on pic for Yorkshire Ambulance Service calls…

Every Service gets it fair share of stupid callers….Westcountry Ambulance Service got people who “wanted  a hug!” I,d have given them a hug alright! A nice big hug around their neck to squeeze off the last few functioning brain cells!

“You want a hug do you?….

Meanwhile in the North East of England…this joker made a bet with his wife and called the Ambulance out. A definate candidate for the lads from SWAB Team 6 to go round his house and post some s**t parcels through his letter box. I think that if this happened to me when I was on duty then I would seriously be in danger of losing my job as the temptation to kick the living s**t out of this bloke would be too much!!! And I mean that very sincerely….

“So you wanna bet do you…?”

Its the same stuff every year….and its about time that examples were made of people. Either big fines or prison terms or even bring back the stocks and the birch!!! 

What every town & city needs….

9 Responses to Christmas Craziness…!!!

  1. Emma says:

    Can I have a hug please?…I have written about the same myself KM so I completely agree with everything you say…..have a good xmas and if your working mad weekend, stay safe…xx

  2. Lets hope you spend more time in a warm stable, than dealing with the donkeys, you never know, maybe your kings will bring you precious gifts.
    All the best, for 2008, follow your star and don’t believe a word the Shepherds tell you.

  3. Detail Medic says:

    OMG. I’m pretty quick to react, so you can be absolutely sure that I would have dressed the prankster down who made the bet with his wife, then called my supervisor to meet us on scene, then wrote the report EXACTLY how it happened. I can only hope my department would have taken action!

  4. Nick Hough says:

    I really, really, really hope that jokesters like that bet man get fined. Heavily.


  5. bendygirl says:

    Good heavens! Is this ‘care in the community’ or something else all together? Now, if there’s hugs being handed out, I’m with Emma, yes please! Happy Christmas, if you’re working I hope it’s as uneventful as possible, Bendy Girl x

  6. Nick Hough says:

    Oh, and Merry Christmas kingmagic!


  7. Elliott says:

    I was having this discussion with my Significant Other after watching a news report of a s**tbag who phoned the police on 999 as she couldnt find focus and was stressed…

    I think it should be fines and phone taken off them as they are too f**king stupid to own one… name and shame in local paper…. that’ll happen sometime when the pigs are fully loaded and ready for take off…. I’d be sorely tempted to drive by his house at 3am and hit maximum sirens…..

    Bah humbug!

    Happy Christmas and New Year!


  8. Elliott says:

    oh and I forgot can I have a hug toooo?

  9. Kingmagic says:

    We have had some injunctions taken out against certain callers who used to ring 999 upwards of 20 plus times a day!

    They had their phones disconnected but went out and bought a “pay as you go” mobile and continued to ring!

    One woman somewhere in the country I believe was sent to jail.

    The thing is, it takes a long time with tonnes of investigation into the callers background etc (mental health probs?/stupidity?) until it gets to court. These things are not taken lightly…but I have been told that these people truely cannot see that what they are doing is wrong!

    A case of education or aversion therapy is required…ie ring 999 again (obviously if it is inappropriate) and they would get all their amenities cut off…followed by their “nads” or their “duds” (depending if male or female) if it continued.

    Oh and a quick *hug* for Elliot.

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