Christmas Craziness…!!!

December 21, 2007

I know this happens all year round, but it seems to get highlighted more at Christmas. The stupid, idiotic, insane, crazy, moronic calls that we get in the Ambulance Service. And our colleagues in the Police and Fire.

Click on pic for Yorkshire Ambulance Service calls…

Every Service gets it fair share of stupid callers….Westcountry Ambulance Service got people who “wanted  a hug!” I,d have given them a hug alright! A nice big hug around their neck to squeeze off the last few functioning brain cells!

“You want a hug do you?….

Meanwhile in the North East of England…this joker made a bet with his wife and called the Ambulance out. A definate candidate for the lads from SWAB Team 6 to go round his house and post some s**t parcels through his letter box. I think that if this happened to me when I was on duty then I would seriously be in danger of losing my job as the temptation to kick the living s**t out of this bloke would be too much!!! And I mean that very sincerely….

“So you wanna bet do you…?”

Its the same stuff every year….and its about time that examples were made of people. Either big fines or prison terms or even bring back the stocks and the birch!!! 

What every town & city needs….