Mid-Monkey to the Rescue…!


I,ve delivered 10 babies during my time in service.

Recently I took a refresher in POG.

Paediactrics Obstectrics Gynaecology

It comes in handy…..

 The NHS are acquiring more and more highly trained monkeys to perform a range of skills and disciplines across the entire medical spectrum.


7 Responses to Mid-Monkey to the Rescue…!

  1. elm says:

    Yeah, bigtime LOL 🙂

    Good ol’ trunk monkey!

  2. Monkey or no monkey, where’s the Entnox?

  3. Kingmagic says:


    At £120 a bottle (D size cylinder)…

    We need to save money to pay for the buffets that are needed for all the management meetings that are needed to decide on where all the money is going to be best spent on the lease cars for managers so that they can get to the meetings to decide when and where the next meeting should be….I think!

  4. I seem to remember I would(at THAT moment in time) have happily paid £120 per lung-full!
    As it was I snatched the mouth piece out of the paramedics hand in rather an unseemly and possessive manner, before he had chance to say ‘this is how you use it…..’ (this is my second baby, I know how it works, just GIVE IT ME NOW!)
    ten minutes later it was all over; so, I didn’t dent the managements ‘buttie budget’ too much

  5. Kingmagic says:

    At the risk of being killed by all woman kind…does it not just smart a bit then?

    Right..I,m off and running, and I,m going to find an island to hide on.

  6. Nick Hough says:

    I don’t think it’s going to be possible to find an island far enough way 😉


  7. You may find there is a hole in your boat.

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