Nighty, Nighty Nights…!!!

November 26, 2007



Just finished another set of nights! Usual jobs which was a mixed bag of minor medical ailments, UTIs (urinary tract infections) lots of chest infections, a house fire (more of in a later post) lots of alcohol induced injuries and a f*****g swollen knee!

I have patience…bags of it. But when you are tired and hungry and you get called on three 9s to a male in his mid twenties with a two day history of a swollen knee at daft o clock in the morning….

What was his reasoning behind calling us?……he could not sleep knowing that it would still be painful in the morning! He had twisted his knee whilst playing football two days ago. He had been to the local hospital for assessment, X rays etc after seeing his own GP. There was no fracture and it was diagnosed as ligament /soft tissue injury.

Advice was given by the hospital to RICE. Rest/Ice/Compression/Elevation and take paracetamols and anti-inflammatories over the week. Sound advice…..

After reassuring him and telling him to keep off his feet instead of going round the bars drinking which he had done tonight, we left him. We even mentioned that yes it was a good idea to take the pain killers and brufen which he had not been doing! Even though we had diplomatically said to him that it was an inappropriate call and that he should heed the advice of the hospital, he still could not see it!

Thick…stupid…ignorant…arrogant…he did not appear to be any of these. But in his mind, as in a lot of peoples today, he genuinely thought that his knee was a medical emergency and that the docs and nurses at A/E would be delighted to see him and treat him with love and shower him with affection….I think not matey!

Paperwork signed and cleared on scene ready for the next job……