“Snap to It!”…”Ouch!!!”

October 22, 2007

Warning…Possible Cringe Factor of 10!


Sometimes you wonder just what is the mind set of some people? I mean we all go on living day to day following a more or less predetermined set of rules, ideals and behaviours that have evolved from the dawn of time. We are the superior species…are we not?

So the human body has evolved and developed into a superb piece of kit. It is capable of many wondrous things enabling us to move and live within our world. It fights off infections without us knowing it and rebuilds itself when something breaks down…usually.

But there are times when we need to be more aware of our selves and respond accordingly. For example when we feel sick or dizzy we tend to sit down and relax, or if we cut ourselves we try and plug the bleeding with a bandage.

And so……recently I came across a fine example of possible Darwinism in the shape of a male in his thirties.

We were called to a “male…unconscious” in a park near to the Big City Centre. When we arrived we were met by a small posse of “yoofs”who had made the original 999 call. They were gobby, they were foul mouthed and they had attitude…but I,m pleased to say that they were genuine in their concern for the male they had found.

Making our way across the grass in the pitch dark using our mag-lites to show us the way, we approached the now standing “unconscious male.” At first it was difficult to make out his features only that he looked about 6 foot plus and was built like a brick shit-house. (Apologies for the Anglo-Saxon description but it was true he was big!) 

Getting nearer to him we could make out that he was approximately in his thirties and looked a little dishelleved and unkempt. (Although this is not something to rely on as the fashion trendies seem to go for the dishelleved/unkempt look…or is it just me?) I asked him how he was doing? He seemed fine at first sight…he was,nt swaying around doing the old drunk fox-trot or slurring his words and he was,nt Polish!

So I asked him why he had been sleeping in the park and if he suffered with anything? He replied that he was normally fit and well and he was just tired after having a good skinful of beer throughout the day. Although he did not appear drunk or seemed to be having any problems…something was just not quite right.

He would wince every now and then when he turned or pointed at something.

“Are you sure your okay?” “You look like your in pain…have you got a bad back or something?” I asked.

He then asked if we could shine our torch on him….and as we did he unzipped his jacket and then undid the buttons on his polo shirt and pulled away a small dressing….revealing underneath….

….the broken end of his clavicle (collar bone) sticking out of his skin a good two inches!!!

“Cor blimey!” (or words to that effect involving lots of F words and sharp intakes of breath) “When did this happen?” The shattered end of the clavicle looked grubby and surrounded by infected skin. “About 2 months ago.” he replied.

“Two months…have you not had it seen to? And does it not hurt a little bit?” Turns out that he had been sleeping rough and had fallen sustaining the injury but did not bother seeking treatment….and yes it was hurting him……a lot! So we persuaded him to come to A/E and get it sorted before septicaemia sorted him!

Now correct me if I,m wrong….but if I had fractured my clavicle and it had pierced my skin and it was “hurting like f**k” then I think the wisest course of action would be to get it treated. This guy thought it would “mend itself.”