A Brew..a Wet…a Cup of Char…Lovely…


Cake to be washed down with lovely tea…

 One of the most important things to develop in the Ambulance Service is a bladder the size of a Space Hopper!

As I,ve mentioned before we in the Ambulance Service are by trade Professional Foragers. We can seek out liquid refreshment and nibbles with almost mystical powers.

In the unfortunate event of a nuclear war or a planet threatening catastrophe, the only things left would be cock roaches and hordes of Ambulance peeps seeking out that all important cup of tea.

With this in mind I came across an excellent site that devotes itself entirely to that national pastime of having a nice cup of tea and a sit down.



(This is my preferred drink during the day time…night time its Guinness)



5 Responses to A Brew..a Wet…a Cup of Char…Lovely…

  1. Nick says:

    Great find but the link is broken – should be http://www.nicecupofteaandasitdown.com/

    I have to say that I don’t fancy the ant biscuits – they’re probably a couple of grades below patient tea.

  2. Tea
    General purpose; to be consumed with vigour, for when you are never sure when or where the next cupa will come from.

    Special Brew; proffered by others, because you have earned it, deserve it; or given to comfort, as in, tea and sympathy.

  3. Kingmagic says:

    Thanks Nick…I went back to edit the thing and could,nt see where I,d gone wrong.

    I forgot to put the www bit at the start!!

    I need more tea….!

  4. Detail Medic says:

    Damn my Americanness, but that cake doesn’t look appetizing… Looks like the often vilified fruitcake. But you are oh-so-right about our keen sense of free food. You want EMS and fire to show up? Offer free food. Want to lock in their appearance? Free beer does the trick!

  5. Tell me about it! I’m a police officer and I have the bladder capacity of five people! 😉

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