Knock, Knock…”Whos There?”

September 21, 2007

Recently I have attended two people who have been the victims of crime.

The first was a 94 year old gentleman who had answered his door only to be knocked to the floor and robbed of his life savings!

The second was an 89 year old lady who had also been robbed in her own home!

Both, fortunately, suffered very minor injuries. But the shock of the incident had left them both extremely shaken. The gentleman had manged to hit one of the scum as they left his house, but he still felt ashamed at not being able to do more.

The lady was frightened to death that they would come back again. She did not want to stay in her home anymore…her home of more than 40 years.

The perpetrators criminals thieves pond-scum that came into their lives were young males. Real hard men who operate in twos just in case they have to defend themselves against attack whilst they go about their daily career of ruining other peoples lives.

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Both the lady and the gentleman had led good, honest, fruitful lives. Both having raised families and both living on their own, not wanting to be a burden on anyone. The thing that struck me about both jobs was that they both thought they were wasting our time and the Polices time.

(As opposed to a lot of today’s “yoof” who demand attention for the smallest of inconsequential mishaps!) 

Now I know that this sort of thing has been going on for years and years since the 50s/60s etc. But nowadays when you see the scumbags caught they see it as just an inconvenience, depriving them of their right to roam the streets, to attack and maim innocent people. 

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Its about time that the so called Judiciary of Magistrates/Judges of this country got off their fat arses and attend some of these jobs where peoples lives have been changed forever. Then they might give out some appropriate sentences.  

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Lets us not allow the SCUM to get away!