Skating on Thin Ice…!!!

Catching up on the news and stuff I was perusing the Sunday edition of that veritable tabloid of conservative support the Sunday Express, when I espied an article of some interest to my tired and beleagured brain.

With a blinding flash the old neurons kicked into overdrive as I read about the latest in Policing innervations for fighting crime in the south of our once great country.

Police on skateboards!!!  (click for article) 

I have looked at various Police blogs and I,m sure they are in the offing for writing about this new scheme. But in the mean time I thought I would bring it to your attention.

It seems that the thinking behind this is to endear the Forces of Law & Order to the general skateboarding fraternity. This will show the “yoofs” that the Police are cool and have street cred and can “get down with the people”…”innit!”

We in the Ambulance Service have had our own skateboard unit in place for a while now. A very high profile unit of Medical Skateboarders called the Skateboard Health Intervention Team.


Skateboard Health Intervention Team

The team was founded on the 1/04/04.

(click for more details)



7 Responses to Skating on Thin Ice…!!!

  1. Junior UHDD says what you need to hit those cat A response times are some petrol driven roller blades
    I am sure with a bit of ingenuity you could rig the entanox to give it a bit of ‘Nos’ if the performance wasn’t quite up to standard!

  2. Kingmagic says:

    Marvellous idea.

    I will put this to our Experimental Development Team to see if they can be included in the Service response.

  3. Rookie Bebe says:

    You can delete this comment. I’m just letting you know to check the comments section because I replied to you on my blog. 🙂

  4. DillTheDog says:

    Wow, almost makes me want to break a leg if I’m going to get a ride to hospital on a skateboard.

  5. Lol, amazing the things they come up with!
    Makes a lot of sense tho, also roller skate units.
    I wonder how heavy their kit is tho, I wouldnt wanna carry mine around on my back all day!

    (ps, any chance of a link? )

  6. Noddy says:

    Do we get to wear baggy pants with our ‘y’ fronts on display too?

  7. Somehow Noddy I think ‘y fronts’ just aren’t the right brief. Not a good look.

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