Dr. Grordborts…Infallible Aether Oscillator 

A superb new product has just come onto the market. The Infallible Aether Oscillator.

Just the thing to get rid of Moon men, Chavs and other undesirables.

See for yourself this amazing invention…I,ve ordered three, one for me, one for my crewmate and a spare just in case!

click here…. Infallible Aether Oscillator


4 Responses to Rayguns…

  1. Ellis James says:

    They’ll probably end up breaking after a few weeks, I think we should keep it simple and go for cattle prods.

  2. Oh how I could have used one of those on the beach this week, do they have a special offer on, is it buy one get one free?

  3. Kingmagic says:

    I think if you buy all three there is a discount.

  4. Jo says:

    I want one! It would be perfect for clearing the train at rush hour 🙂

    (Finally found your blog! Huzzah! For some reason the link off of your comments on mine didn’t work?)

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