Officer Down……..


PC Jon Henry

Again another Police officer has been killed on duty in a senseless knife attack. Its about time the Law makers started to protect our colleagues in blue by sending out the message that all assaults on Police will result in being sent to jail.My brother is a serving Police officer and knows the potential dangers of the job. He does his job well but like many others has to put up with aggro from MOP from time to time. But he will help anybody as he is a human being…he protects, he does not harm others.

I hope that the latest cop killer gets life (and I mean life not a few derisory years) and is not rewarded for his crimes.




2 Responses to Officer Down……..

  1. Bao Chi says:

    We are living in a ridiculous world of violence. Few things shock or shake me anymore. Last night was different. something threw me off balance. It was, this time one of my own.

    Bao Chi

  2. Nick says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to PC Jon Henry and his family.


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