Dark Heart….


What turns people into “wrong uns?”

Why do kids want to fight each other with knives and scaffold pipes?

It was like “Knife fight at the OK Coral” last week! Two gangs, one Latvian the other Iraqi, were going at it hammer and tongs (or knives & steel pipes). Thankfully the only injuries were slash wounds to the arms and relatively minor head injuries.

Why do some people have kids when they cannot look after themselves let alone others.

We were called to a female “sick!” on one of the many estates in Big City, Ruralshire. On gaining entry to the address we found our patient slumped on the settee with a hypodermic hanging out of her arm……and a small child (approx 18-24 months old) toddling about in a dirty nappy playing dangerously near to the gas fire which was full on!

Why do some so called adults behave as if they are children when it comes to dealing with their lives?

Too many times recently I have felt as if I have been in the audience on “The Jeremy Kyle Show”. Are we becoming a nation of Chavs?

Somewhere, sometime, somehow in the past all these people probaly were decent and “normal” members of society.

I know that there are more good people than bad…but the margin is becoming narrower!


9 Responses to Dark Heart….

  1. SANDY G. says:

    “I know that there are more good people than bad”.

    Sure doesn’t feel that way sometimes, does it? I’ve often wondered what has happened to certain people to turn them into what they are.

    ~Sandy G.

  2. uphilldowndale says:

    What amazes me is that you manage to go from ‘proper job’ to a ‘rubbish job’ with out loosing it. I suspect it consumes a lot of energy, suppressed anger usually does!
    Love the graphics, where do you find them?

  3. Paul says:


    My name is Paul. I’m a Belgian EMT. I work on an emergency ambulance in a city called Gent.

    I’ve been following blogs from several EMT’s and dispatch-people for about a year. I started reading those blogs after I eisited London Ambulane, last summer.
    Tonight, I’ve discoverd yours, following a link from I found on nee-naw’s blog.

    I must say your blog is really nice to read !!!
    I’ve added it to my favourites.


    Greetings from Belgium.

  4. Nick says:

    >Are we becoming a nation of Chavs?

    It sure does seem that way! If you think about it, we’re soon going to be outnumbered. A Chavette will have her first Chav-baby at about the age of 15, and will then drop another one every 9 to 12 months, for God knows how long! Whereas normal (in the loosest of senses) will have 2.4children over the period of 8 years or so. Numerically, the planet is going to be screwed!

    “Discuss” 😉


  5. uphilldowndale says:

    The question is do the ambulance service appear to attend more Chav’s because
    A, There are more Chavs than other ‘groups’
    B, Darwin’s theory of evolution means they are doing a better job of self destruction
    (I.e. engaging in behaviour that requires life saving intervention.)

  6. kingmagic says:

    Chavs are more likely to want an ambulance due to their anti-social behaviour resulting in assaults, knife wounds etc.

    uphilldowndale…sorry I didnt reply sooner, I usually Google the images or use some from my own image bank. Will do that Mountain Rescue post soon…just making sure I dont breach patient confidentiality although it was some years ago I just want to make sure that the gist of the post is about the job itself rather than the patient…if that makes sense.

  7. uphilldowndale says:

    Perfect sense, much as I like to read an interesting account of a ‘job’ I wouldn’t want to do so at the expense of a patients confidentiality. I suppose the more unusual the job the more difficult it becomes to ‘fudge’ the detail that discloses?

  8. vivdora says:

    Hello, I’m an ancient practice nurse married to an ancient GP (my boss).We’re retiring soon. Have been friends with Tom for a couple of years. My daughter who wants to be a paramedic (see http://vivdora.wordpress.com “discovered” you last night.
    Grrrr Chavs. they don’t even deserve a capital letter!

  9. Iain MacBain says:

    It’s a kind of Planet of the Apes thing. Come back in 100 years and wonder at the marvels of a lost civilisation. We’re doomed.

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