Dark Heart….

April 30, 2007


What turns people into “wrong uns?”

Why do kids want to fight each other with knives and scaffold pipes?

It was like “Knife fight at the OK Coral” last week! Two gangs, one Latvian the other Iraqi, were going at it hammer and tongs (or knives & steel pipes). Thankfully the only injuries were slash wounds to the arms and relatively minor head injuries.

Why do some people have kids when they cannot look after themselves let alone others.

We were called to a female “sick!” on one of the many estates in Big City, Ruralshire. On gaining entry to the address we found our patient slumped on the settee with a hypodermic hanging out of her arm……and a small child (approx 18-24 months old) toddling about in a dirty nappy playing dangerously near to the gas fire which was full on!

Why do some so called adults behave as if they are children when it comes to dealing with their lives?

Too many times recently I have felt as if I have been in the audience on “The Jeremy Kyle Show”. Are we becoming a nation of Chavs?

Somewhere, sometime, somehow in the past all these people probaly were decent and “normal” members of society.

I know that there are more good people than bad…but the margin is becoming narrower!