RRV and Stuff…

April 20, 2007


Busy shifts on the old RRV/RFU. On three shifts covering the weekend late tours of duty.

Last week I worked on the Foxtrot Oscar Paramedic/Police combined response unit meeting members of the public with gashed heads/broken noses/intoxicated/drug overdoses/split lips/a stabbing…all the usual Saturday night things.

Most of these incidents were self inflicted to a degree apart from the stabbing and a couple of unprovoked assaults.

Had one job earlier that reminded me that we owe a awful lot to the people who fought in the second World War…sent to an 80 year old gent who had fallen at home. He was quite frail and his wife of 55 years was struggling to look after him.

What struck me was the fact that they were paying for all the things he needed like inco pads, pee bottles etc. as they did not want to bother any one. A very proud couple, he being an ex-paratrooper who had broken both his legs on a jump over Holland which was now giving him problems with mobility. He also showed me where he had been hit by shrapnel. Hopefully we have got the ball rolling for them to receive some help at home.

They both apoligised for having to call us out! Makes you despair of the younger generations who call us out for crap because “it is their right!”.