“Its Just Around The Corner…Honest!”


Ice Climbing…

Well my few days away in the Yorkshire Dales were quite a welcome escape from the dross and crap thats going on everywhere else in the City/County/Country/World.

Unfortunately, by the time I got there, most of the snow had gone and the waterfall at Gordale Scar was free flowing. The only ice was covering the hand and foot holds on the climb up (which made for an interesting vertical version of “Twister”) So It was just a case of having a bimble around doing some walking.

By the time we had climbed up the waterfall and got to the top of the scar it was getting quite warm. Or we were getting warm after the exertion of skidding about and trying not to fall off! The sky was a brilliant blue and the air was fresh and cold with a visibility in excess of twenty miles. Time for lots of pics and a brew and a big chunk of nutty.

We spent more time than we had anticipated as we investigated the “Roman Camp”on the path towards Kilnsey Crag. A very pleasant bimble which sharpened my appetite for the evening meal of steak & mushroom pie (home made and Desparate Dan Cowpie in size) and copious amounts of Murphys stout (purely medicinal reasons honest.)

The next day we drove west and walked up a hill called Ingleborough which was, if you,ll pardon my loose old English description, “a right ****ing bastard!” This particular hill has false summits and the top was shrouded in mist so the walk turned into a trudge. It just seemed never ending! The walk back down was marginally better but next day my legs, back, feet, shoulders and everything attached to me just ached. It ached worse than a big bag full of aching things that had just been voted the worst aching thing in the universe. (Slight exaggeration)

Anyway, back to work now and I will look forward to next winter though this time I want to go further north to get some winter climbing in.


7 Responses to “Its Just Around The Corner…Honest!”

  1. ian says:

    so you were not tempted to do the 3 peaks then……..

    as they are next to each other

  2. Kingmagic says:

    I,ve done the “Three Peaks” a few times, even ran it once which was interesting!
    We got a good view of Pen y Ghent from Ingleborough half way up. When the mist cleared on top of the summit the Ribblehead viaduct was clearly visible.

    I enjoyed the Three Peaks the first time as this was when I was younger and competed against the clock to get the badge etc. The second time I was with a group of people with varying abilities which slowed us down and I found myself not enjoying it as I was trying to encourage others to carry on.

    I like the Dales very much but I do prefer the Lake District given the choice. What I have noticed is that the aches are taking a lot longer to go than before…need more beer!

  3. uphilldowndale says:

    Rugby players hang up their boots when last weekends injuries haven’t fixed themselves before the next match. Crag rats and bog hoppers, just get out less.
    Keep taking the medicine

  4. Paddy says:

    Mate, are you an ex Bootneck?

  5. kingmagic says:

    Ex army many years ago. Brother had a Green Lid though.

  6. Paddy says:

    Cool, good drills. Loving the blog. Keep it up.

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