Many Are Cold, Few Are Frozen……



Malham Cove, Yorkshire Dales

With the impending approach of a last ditch attempt at having a half decent winter, I am off to the Yorkshire Dales for a spot of fun-filled, frosty frolicking in the great outdoors.

I like snow…I like ice…I like blizzards…I like “white out” conditions. Its the best thing to get the adrenalinepumping and it really concentrates the mind as you have to rely on your wits, experience, equipment and your resolve.

A couple of years ago I was on the summit of Helvellyn in the Lake District on a bright winters day, when it suddenly became very dark and the mountain became lost in a ferocious snowstorm. At one point you could not see your hand in front of your face. Really frightening “whiteout”conditions. But what was more frightening was the amount of people on the summit not equipped properly and lacking in experience. My wife, who is an accomplished “crag rat”and was a mountain goat in a previous existence, and myself led 8 people off the summit before they became casualties.

I enjoy winter walking and climbing, but apart from Scotland, winters are getting less severe by the year. Its been some years now since I last “ice climbed”  and my 12 point crampons and technical ice axe are starting to rust! So its off to the Yorkshire Dales for a few days to pit myself against mother nature. No really big hills to tax me, but I,m hoping that the waterfall at Gordale Scar will be interesting enough to climb up.



9 Responses to Many Are Cold, Few Are Frozen……

  1. uphilldowndale says:

    Enjoy, you have certainly picked the right weekend, if the thunder, lightning, howling gale and horizontal sleet are anything to go by.
    Mr Uphilldowndale is due to stagger in any time now, from a 21 mile fell race, (as if it’s not enough to go walking in these conditions.) He tells me it is a great stress buster, I am willing to believe him, and let him get on with it.

  2. Kingmagic says:

    Ah. Fell running…yes it is a great stress buster…and a great lung buster.
    I did the world championships in Keswick in 1988 and promised afterwards that I would never do it again!

  3. uphilldowndale says:

    It’s not just the lungs, his legs were done for, he couldn’t get his fell shoes off with out assistance and his eyes are blood shot and sore from the sleet and snow. But having turned in a time of 04:04 he is a happy bunny.
    (I just keep putting the money in the mountain rescue collection box, just in case!)

  4. Kingmagic says:

    Sounds like a good run.
    I firmly believe that to excel in something physical your eyeballs should bleed.
    Always works for me…!

  5. uphilldowndale says:

    It was a good run and a well run event
    But not everyone ran or walked off the hill. So monies in the mountain rescue box are always needed.

  6. Kingmagic says:

    I,ve worked with different MRC teams around the country and I,ve always been impressed by their dedication and expertise.
    I always donate to Mountain Rescue when I get the chance as one day I may need them.
    When I get back from the Dales (going tomorrow, coming back on Friday) I will post about a couple of Mountain Rescue jobs that I,ve been involved in.

  7. uphilldowndale says:

    Oh no, you mean you didn’t see how drop dead gorgeous the landscape looked this morning? All sun snow and blue sky. I hope the snow last till you get up north.
    Look forward to a few stories from the mountains, on your return; although I do find such tales are best heard in the pub, over pint of Timothy Taylor’s.

  8. Isla says:

    Really good camping/outdoor shop in Settle, I think its called Castleburgh, independent, a few doors up from the pub, which has a really good restaurant calvary style /pub grub.. Royal Oak or summat, god I’m crap with names. Have fun

  9. Mmm. I’m so jealous! Malham is really lovely. I haven’t been there for some time – but when last I was there – it was full of snow and looking lovely.

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