Why Is This Happening…?


Who Protects the Protectors…?

Looking at blogs from colleagues in the Police it seems as if this country of ours is going into a rapid terminal dive into the abyss. But what has caught my attention is this post from Inspector Gadget. How some of the judiciary can sleep at night I will never know.

A quick look at PC SouthWests blog shows us what has happened to common sense. It can only get better…cant it?


7 Responses to Why Is This Happening…?

  1. […] not the only one fuming/disgusted/angry: Inspector Gadget, PurplePlus, Frank Chalk, and Nick […]

  2. inspectorgadget says:

    Thanks for linking. We all stand together.

  3. bebe says:

    you can delete this comment. I’m just using this space to say thank you for adding me to your list of blogs.

  4. Dr No No says:

    i think the country is really nosediving in so many aspects…seems that those who work in the interests of others i.e. the general public get the worst deal and least respect? its all a bit fishy. And why on Earth do offenders get off so bloody lightly?

  5. Makes you wonder why the police go to any effort in catching crims, if the sentences are just a joke. Here in Australia, not so long ago, Ambos were finally given the same protection under the law as the Police. That is if you assault or obstruct an ambo in the course of their duties, then you face the same penalty if you did it to a cop. Pity, harsh penalties aren’t applied.

  6. Thats the thing with this country and its laws, there are enough laws but they arent being used to the best of their ability. If a rapist gets convicted and gets life this should mean life, not so they can escape lawful custody assault a female with aknife steal her car and get an extra 3.5yrs to his sentance!!!! See my blog for the whole story it is just one of numerous.
    I see Notts police are conducting undercover and hi-vis policing of the hospital there due to numerous assaults and Ive heard of a mixed unit paramedic/police, its about time we start working closer together for your protection and we need you to patch us up when we get hurt!!!
    Good work out there medics, sorry again for handing you over drunks who have lost control of their bowels!!

  7. Iain MacBain says:

    SCUM RULE OK . Would not want to offend the criminals now would we., Wankers.

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