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February 18, 2007


The new improved Foxtrot-Oscar RRV/RFU…

Since finishing my last set of nights I have been on the Foxtrot-Oscar Response car (Paramedic/Police combined response unit), which was fun filled, and also on the normal RRV/RFU (rapid response vehicles).

Nights were busy as usual…attended a serious armed robbery on a security van which I cant really give details about. The guard was okay (minor head injury) and the robbers got away with a large amount of cash! Seems to be an increase in this sort of thing in my area, a bank was ram raided shortly after with a large truck!

The last job of my last night shift was to a 93 year old lady with a severe chest infection at a nursing home. This was one of the better nursing homes I,ve been to and the staff seem to genuinely care for their residents. Anyway the lady was sat in her own wheelchair with an audible wheezing and ruttling coming from her chest. (no need for the stethoscope). She was slightly confused and apprehensive, very pale and also very hot due to the infection. We calmed her down with distraction chat to take her mind off the impending visit to A/E and gave her some O2 and then nebulised her with salbutamol to good effect.

She was concerned about leaving her dog behind, which is strange for a nursing home to allow pets to be kept. The staff said that they would look after “Ponderosa” until she returned.With this she seemed to calm down and we wheeled her out to the truck. We then got the wheelchair on the back and then lifted her “top & tail” onto the stretcher. It was when I moved her comfort blanket to place the monitor leads on her that I jumped back….there nestled in her lap was a small brown dog, curled up in a ball sleeping peacefully away.

A quick double take and a request for my crew mate to have a look to confirm my findings. Only on closer inspection did we both realise that the small brown dog was in fact one of those battery operated breathing things that look like the real deal! So “Ponderosa” travelled with us as the dog seemed to calm the lady more than we could. It was fun and games trying to explain to the nurses at A/E what “Ponderosa”was, especially after a sister tried to bollock me for bringing a dog into Casualty!

Incidents on the Foxtrot-Oscar response car were the normal assaults and drunken behaviour expected on a night out in any big city in the UK. Although we did attend a heroin overdose where we had to remain quiet so as “not to wake the kids up!”  Also attended the most bizarre drugs job that I have ever been to involving a teenager, 5 Es, numerous aerosol canisters and a shit load of booze. This young girl was tripping out of her mind and unfortunately because of her behaviour and previous drugs related forays into the dark world I can really see her ending up dead somewhere…I hope not but of all the addicts I,ve been to she seemed like she was on  self destruct !


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