Snow, Snow, Quick, Quick, Snow…!


Ambulance Driving in Snow…

(imagine a British ambulance…but driving on the correct side of the road)

Another set of nights nearly over and done with!!!

Pretty busy with a real mixed bag of jobs from medical calls for breathing diffs, sick, overdoses, self harmers, cardiac arrests, RTCs, assaults, only two drunks (!), abdo, bleeding PV and bleeding PR, one armed robbery (involving a substantial amount of money) and a dog!


Used most of my skills and gave plenty of drugs. Averaged 8 jobs per shift. Will post later on some of the more unusal jobs like the dog!

Off to sleep soon…I hope!

(For some reason I cant get my posts to align left!)



3 Responses to Snow, Snow, Quick, Quick, Snow…!

  1. nicenurse says:

    Whilst it’s probably highly unlikely, remind me never to work with you, far too busy and dramatic!! Not at all like life in the country!!


  2. Kingmagic says:

    Nights are busier now than ever before.
    This last set of nights, although busy, was good from the point of view that the shift flew by.
    A worrying trend just lately is the amount of crews getting late jobs.
    Where as before we had shitty AMPDS if the job was not life threatening then another crew (if available) could be sent to save us being late off.
    But now everything seems to be Cat A Red call. Only you know and I know and most of the ambulance service knows that invariably it will be nack all!

  3. Iain MacBain says:

    Nack all!

    Is that “street” for NHS Direct?

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