Theory of Relativity…


Me before my haircut…

It is a well known fact that the kettle is linked to the station alarm.

I have worked out the formula “Tea = mc2” which is every time you try and have a cuppa it equates to “many casualties!”

In the universe there is “dark matter” which cannot be replicated in the laboratory and there is also “dark energy” which is pulling the universe apart!

The station alerter is controlled by “dark energy” as it is powered by the  collective sub-conscious when tea is thought of/mentioned/made.


Tea…best drink of the day/night….when you can get it!


2 Responses to Theory of Relativity…

  1. nicenurse says:

    I find that the likelihood of catching another job on return to station is directly related to the fullness of your bladder, furthermore that risk is doubled if you delibrately choose to chance it and not go in the manky staff loo at the hospital when you know you probably should have!!


  2. tropper Man says:

    When out on duty at weekends with the Jonners, it is always the way. Nothing is happening all around us so I take the decision to give the members and crew a break.

    You just get sat down with you burger and tea/coffee and all hell beaks loose.

    Must be something in the air or they watch and wait until you’re sat down and all cosy.

    Cold burgers and tea/coffee just does’t hit the spot does it.

    Oh well, better luck next time!

    Tropper Man

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