Brass Monkeys With Welding Sticks…!!!


Its a bit nippy tonight…!!!

Guess what…? Yep! I,m on nights again! Another four nights of adventures into the dark wonder world of tiredness! Marvellous!

Please forgive me for my next profanity…”Its bastard freezing!”

So far I,ve been kept waiting outside peoples houses in the small hours like some amateur burglar freezing the old nadgers off whilst waiting for the door to open!

Also the heater on the vehicle only kicks in on arrival at the A/E!

And I made the big mistake of getting my hair cut before going on shift…a number 1 shave! I thought it would make me look more efficient and streamlined but all it has done is freeze my brain cells further and highlighted my bushy eyebrows more!

Will post more later tonight on shift 2 if I thaw out!


8 Responses to Brass Monkeys With Welding Sticks…!!!

  1. mitch says:

    Yup . There’s nowt like a good haircut to guarantee some cold weather.

  2. Iain MacBain says:

    I too have the streamline look. Cold is bad but I really hate the rain.

  3. uphilldowndale@work says:

    Get your self a nice little green hat, before the snow comes

  4. traineeparamedic says:

    I’ve been contemplating having my hair cut short, due to having to wear helmets at some jobs, yet as my head is so big, in the sense of size, not ego, it really would look stupid. Yet the gel would keep my hair crushed anyway, so I would look stupid either way. I believe though that I would blend in with the chavs would could be beneficial in some situations, but I would have to learn the language. Thats the only stumbling block. ha ha.

  5. nicenurse says:

    Brrrrr!!! Have that to look forward to after the weekend.


  6. ecparamedic says:

    The day my wearing of a helmet at the odd RTC dictates the way I have my hair cut, it’s probably time to give it up.

    Mine usually ends up alongside my response bag after I’ve nearly broken my neck a few times smacking it into obstacles I can’t see. It’s a cheap and easy way to wind up the Trumpton White Tops, just like not wearing heavy gloves while I’m cannulating.


  7. Petrolhead says:

    Oh, poor you! I’ll be thinking of you while I’m tucked up nice and warm in my bed. With 2 duvets and a hot water bottle! ;-D

  8. uphilldowndale says:

    That reminds me of the time I ‘volunteered’ to be a ‘casualty’ at a major incident exercise. The triage nurse in her new ‘straight out of the box’ helmet lent forward to examine my injured hands and whacked me straight on the nose with the visor! Moments later the ‘inflatable’ tent we had been herded into, collapsed round our ears, an ambulance reversed into the generator that was keeping the thing blown up, and pulled out the plug! I felt safer before being ‘rescued.’
    At least they had something to take back to the debrief.

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