Hairs on the Back of My Neck……!

February 2, 2007


We have all had those strange moments when the hairs on the back of the neck stand up and a chill runs down the back. Its due mainly to the realisation momentarily, that “…there but for the grace of God go I…” or the hearing of strange tales that make you wonder “…how would I react to that?….”

On ecparamedics blog Social Dispatch his post on “Ghosts” reminded me of a patient that I went to last year. The gentleman in question was a tetra-plegic, paralysed in all four limbs from the neck down. He was, and still is, lovingly cared for by his wife of many years. We were asked to admit him to a local hospital for treatment for a chest infection.

The reason for the paralysis was due to a serious RTC during the 1960s involving two HGVs. He was the driver of one of the lorries. Against all the odds he had survived horrendous injuries which unfortunately cut short his future career in the Police. He had just enlisted and was awaiting joining instructions.

It was whilst talking to his wife about the gentlemans condition in general that she related to me a very strange and totally bizzare event that had occurred recently. They had taken a holiday abroad and had boarded the plane ready for take off. He was sat towards the rear of the aircraft to accommodate his disability and was chatting to a fellow passenger.

Unbelievably…..this fellow passenger sat next to him was the driver of the other lorry that had crashed into him over 40 years ago! And he still carried a small picture of the crash scene in his wallet as his life had hung in the balance too!

What would I have done or said in a situation like that?

I hope I never have to find out!