Whats Your Poison….?

Everything in moderation….except Guinness.


A woman in California has died recently from excessive intake of water.


4 Responses to Whats Your Poison….?

  1. Lucy says:

    A cautionary tale re: differential diagnosis when treating a confused and unwell pt tho’it is definitely a zebra’s rather than horse’s hoof call.

    Water intoxication is not something your average emergency healthcare, fire or police practitioner is ever likely to suffer from. In their case lack of access to decent or regular breaks during shifts is more likely to cause the opposite ie marinaded kidneys from lack of fluid. I know ambulance breaks are an issue right now but how many ambulance personnel would be likely to drink excessive amounts of water when working on a vehicle with no toilet facilities anyway ?!?


  2. rogue gunner says:

    Well like the old TV add says “Learn to swim young man” Only joking I have heard about this rare occurance before, most of us dont actually drink enough water, myself included.

  3. Kingmagic says:

    Since I,ve been in the Ambulance Service I,ve developed a addiction to tea!

    I drink copious amounts of the stuff due to the fact that we need to “eat in the saddle” at work. I cadge tea at hospitals, never turn down an offer of a cuppa at a patients house (circumstances and cleanliness allowing).

    I have trained my bladder to take on the size of a “space hopper” so that I can take on board more tea!

  4. Emmbee says:

    There’s a guy at the local mental hospital who drinks vast amounts of water. He does it to get “High”. Unfortunately this means he fits as well. But I can vaugely remember an article in one of the tabloids years ago that water was the new designer drug of choice in New York or somewhere.

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