Foxtrot Oscar 1…


Just fine tuning my uniform for tonights shift on Foxtrot Oscar 1, our combined Paramedic/Police response car.

My boots are getting a good polishing to bring up a lovely sheen on the toecaps so as to provide a good target for anyone who wishes to vomit on them! My Hi-Viz jacket is getting a good checking over…zips: okay, epaulettes: okay, reflective markings: okay, two sleeves: okay. Hope they are still there at the end of the shift!

Will let you know how it goes with the Big City public and what they got up to. I do love a Saturday night shift!


4 Responses to Foxtrot Oscar 1…

  1. traineeparamedic says:

    Are you polishing your boots and ironing your uniform to look smart, or for the possiblity that you will have a good looking police woman as your partner?

    Im sure the first answer is the case!!!

  2. Lucy says:

    Yes its late and yes I know I am being rather dense but why do you have a combined police and paramedic car? I dont think we have these round these parts so my mind is making up stories.

    Theory one: Is the combined response needed because the police may cause the neds harm which needs a paramedic or Theory Two: Is it so that once the paramedic has cured the sick the police can arrest them for lying in an inappropriate place or using offensive vomiting in a public place? Seriously tho’ I would be keen to know a little about how this works if it is not too rude to ask.

    Hope the night goes well and looking forward to reading your next posting.


  3. This scheme is a great idea and has worked really well in the town centre where I am

  4. Graham Fraga says:

    This really is funny! Imo he was remarkable acting in Two and a Half Men, but possibly it was for the reason that he was simply playing himself:-)

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