The Year Ahead…

I,m still getting over last year, very busy but on top of having a snapped Achilles tendon at the start of 2006!

This year I,m looking forward to getting my fitness levels back upto scratch, doing more stuff at work with regards to clinical training and hopefully get back into flying. Something I really miss with a passion.

Things I,m not looking forward to are the inevitable drunks/tossers/CHAVs/pondscum and other assorted miscreants that prowl this once great country of ours!

I hope that the powers that be are swayed into action to turn back the tide of lawlessness and lack of responsibility that seems to be getting worse by the day. And I hope that the action will be swift and sure to bring some of societies less savoury characters into line!

I am also hopeful that work will get better with more resources and better career progression with enhanced pay rates rising too! We will see what happens by the end of 2007!

Lets all have a safe and brilliant year this time…!


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