Santa Is Alive……!!!

Santa is Alive and hes in Trouble……


He has also been sacked from a major department store in London for making inappropiate comments to children and parents and most recently he has been fined for not wearing a seatbelt in Doncaster!

Come on people of the world, let us unite and vote in a new Santa! Should it be right that we entrust our presents to be delivered by an unelected representative of the North Pole?

I nominate that fat bloke off  the telly series “Pie in the Sky” you know the one, the policeman who has his own restaurant and solves all the crimes whilst still trying to move! In fact he could also investigate any untoward happenings with the presents. Two birds with one stone!




One Response to Santa Is Alive……!!!

  1. JCA says:

    Ah, now, we are moving into dangerous ground here KM. Its all that PC stuff again. We will probably both be clobbered for this. You for mentioning the forbidden Christmas (or is that ‘Winterval’??), word PIE and me for stirring it all up. Now if you haven’t got the foggiest (no pun intended about this weeks weather) idea what I am ranting on about , its all distilled in my post from a day or many back:

    Would anyone care for an extra Salmonella microbe with their mince meat?

    Best wishes for Christmas, your blog rocks, keep it up.


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