And Another Thing…..!!!


Whilst I,ve got my Victor Meldrew head on, what is it with the blister packs in Strepsils?

When I have a sore throat, or a tickly cough “ah hem!”, in the middle of the night, I dont expect to wake up Mrs. Magic and half the street when I open up a pack of strepsils! I mean you could you use the blister pack as a bird scarer on airport runways its that LOUD!

Imagine if you will….tis the wee hours of the night, a light frost is forming on the already dew laden flowers in the garden. The night is still…cept for the soft fluttering of an owls wings as it searches for its prey. All is well, all is quiet. The moon gazes down upon the earth with its beacon of light casting shadows amongst the undergrowth. Nothing stirs, nothing moves….then “CRRRRAAAACCCCKKKKLLLLEEEEZZZZZ!!!!!!”.

Small hibernating animals two fields away scurry to find a safer place, dogs begin to howl the terrible song of the banshee, cats wail their screeching chorus of defiance, hundreds of lights flick on within the neighbourhood, windows are unlatched noisely as sleep sodden eyes peer into the night in desparate search of the miscreant who has dared to cast asunder the silence of the dark!

Meanwhile back in my house, I have to fetch the ladders so that I can get Mrs. Magic off the ceiling! My sore throat usually disappears but I think this is mainly due to the severe head injury inflicted upon my person by Mrs. Magic with a rolled up copy of the Ambulance Service U.K. magazine.



9 Responses to And Another Thing…..!!!

  1. ecparamedic says:

    Copies of Ambulance UK at home??????????????


  2. Kingmagic says:

    Picked it up from work by mistake.
    Meant to bring home Caravanners Weekly or Train Spotters Guide!

  3. tikkiro says:

    Be grateful you can at least push out tabs from blister packs at all LOL – having had carpal tunnel for the guts of this year, which is possibly the reason behind my having a 0/5 grip strength I can’t currently open tablet bottles, or push out tabs from blister packs – some being so bad that I think even under normal circumstances I’d have to use a knife which wouldn’t be a sensible solution just now, else I might have to put in an emergency call myself. BTW – like another of your friends – you ever thought of writing a book?? Not necessarily on your blog but you’re English skills are superb and your descriptions so good sometimes I can truly picture scenes perfectly as you describe them – always a good writer’s skill that one!! 🙂

  4. ecparamedic says:

    Yeah right! You don’t have the SP Services catalogue as well do you? 🙂


  5. Kingmagic says:

    Thankyou tikkiro for your kind comments. Its still early stages with my blogging lark and I,m enjoying it at the moment. Are you having surgery for your carpal tunnel?

    SD…I have the SP Services logo on a gold chain which I wear when I go out in my ASA shellsuit (in medical green), emblazoned on the back with the Paramedic “Star of Life”. My ringtone on the old moby is “Hello! Can you hear me?”. My slippers are cut down Magnum boots and I have a picture of Comfort from “Casualty” hanging on the wall. …..Nothing wrong in that is there?

  6. ecparamedic says:

    That depends, is she in or out of the jumpsuit?


  7. tikkiro says:

    KingM – yep had surgery 2 wks ago which worked incredibly well – given my multiple autoimmune probs the surgeon had given me dire warnings of a prolonged difficult recovery, yet I’d healed so well I’d plaster/dressings off in 3 days!! AND it cured another chronic problem with upper arm bone/muscle pain in the same arm, which seems to result from a low BP or circulatory deficit to the area when immobile, so doubly happy :). Tks for asking.

  8. Kim says:

    Okay, you’ve mentioned him twice…who is Victor Meldrew???

  9. kingmagic says:

    Victor Meldrew is a comedy character in a series over here called “One Foot in the Grave.”
    From waking up in the morning to going to bed (and sometimes whilst he is sleeping) he is constantly moaning about lifes little bugbears that get us all down from time to time.
    His catchphrase is “I dont believe it!”

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