Eternal Youth…


Another job we did tonight was to a woman with chest pains. Nothing special about that…but this lady of 86 years was a breath of fresh air. To say she was cheerful would be an understatement. With all due respect, she was a game old bird!

She has had chest pains radiating into her left arm all day and kept putting off having to dial 999! She lives alone and her house is immaculate and full of souveniers and furniture from around the world. 

I asked her about her pains and we examined and treated her taking her blood pressure and 12 lead ECG (no ECG changes apart from slight ischaemia), gave oxygen, aspirin, and GTN spray. All the while she talked of her family and of her part time roles in two very famous TV soaps. After placing a cannula in the back of her hand we take her to the local Assessment Unit for further investigation.

She probaly has unstable angina and was peeved that she was going into hospital as she had so much to do. A very nice lady who I hope only has a short stay in hospital. Its nice to get a sincere thankyou from someone for a change rather than abuse.


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