Sunday…a day of rest or a day of arrest?


Still hacked off at the last job we did on the Saturday night shift at approx. 0600hrs. We were called to an assault which seemed strange with it being almost dawn. We thought it was probaly someone who had been smacked the night before and was now realising they were in pain with the alcohol wearing off. (We are so cynical!).

Enroute to the address we were advised via the terrafix data terminal to make a “silent approach” (no sirens/lights). This was from the police. We asked control if the police were on scene and they said no. We asked for a police ETA. Shortly we arrived near the address and still no sign of police. Again we asked control for an ETA. Control radioed us back and said that the police had no-one to spare!

Heres the problem, we are going to a domestic, female assaulted (updated at scene), and we normally stand off until the arrival of the police. They were not coming out to play! After about ten minutes I wander over to the address (she had taken refuge in a neighbours house) and seeing that it was all quiet I knocked on the door. I was shown in to the house where I found our patient. She had been beaten about the head and her hand repeatedly crushed in a door frame! She was understanderbly upset and very afraid.

After eventually coaxing her out of the house and making a dash for the ambulance, we took her to A/E. Her husband was asleep next door in her house and did not know that she had called for the police.

We have an excellent working relationship with the police in our area, but just lately we are getting sent to jobs where the police should be attending also. Then later they ask us for details for their crime log. The only reason they did not attend is that they were due to change over at 0700hrs. (This is my considered and cynical opinion).

Police resources are stretched, but so are ours yet we will still respond to an injured officer within minutes of the call being made. I just think that sometimes they are treating us with indifference to our safety. Our service is aware of this growing problem and is putting together a report to put to the senior police officers in charge.

Right thats off my chest….the shift for Sunday has mainly consisted of breathing diffs for every single patient! We,ve used up a whole sh*t load of oxygen. Oh and the odd drunk…cant do a shift without a alcohol related incident!

On my days off I,m going out to the pub on the night and getting totally pissed and cause a fight in a kebab shop, then get punched and go to A/E and cause mayhem. All in the cause of research to see what its like from the other side. 



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