Saturday Night & Wide Belts….

November 26, 2006


So far most jobs have been to do with poor medication advice

First off was the 82 year old lady with asthma who was using her preventer inhaler when having an asthma attack! Spent the best part of an hour on scene nebulising her and showing her how to use her reliever inhaler.

Same as the angina sufferers who are told to use their GTN spray before exertion. Went to a gent who told us he keeps collapsing in the shower after taking his spray. Educated him as to the vasodilatory effects of his medication and also that of warm water which kept dropping his blood pressure! He also commented that he uses his spray before going shopping around the supermarket aisles and he always felt dizzy!

Whilst out and about the city we,ve noticed a lot of women (young and not so young) wearing inappropriate clothing for the inclement weather we are having! I mean “thats not a skirt!…thats a wide belt!”


I think we should conduct a campaign of preventative medicine and hand out leaflets to these “nearly in the niff” women advocating the wearing of duffle coats, scarf, mittens (on string), woolly tights and a stout pair of brogues. But then again that would take all the fun out of “ogling” some pretty fit women!