Trial & Error….

November 25, 2006


I,m still getting my head round this blog. I have had a go at trying to get pics into the sidebar thingies and played around with different settings and stuff.

It brings to mind my family motto:

“Semper in faciebus

Sumus sole

Profundum variat!”

We are always in the sh*t, its just the depth that varies!

Normal service will be continued soon I think!!


Friday Night…so far!

November 25, 2006


The shift started as it meant to go on…two minutes after “booking” on over the vehicle radio we got our first job. Called to a 28 female with “Severe Respiratory Distress” code Red cat A (this is according to the AMPDS system in our ambulance control which prioritises calls). Turns out she had a chest infection. Advice was given and she continued with the anti-biotics.

Next job was to a 84 year old female who was having a stroke. This turned out to be a T.I.A. (transient ischaemic attack – mini stroke or CVA – usually resolves itself quite quickly). The lady refused point blank to go to hospital. Her condition was complicated by her having diabetes (insulin dependant), hypertension (high blood pressure), previous mastectomy (breast removal – or part removal) and a colostomy (bowels evacuate, or open, via a stoma or opening in the abdominal wall into a special bag. During our checks with monitor, B.P., blood sugars etc and whilst questioning her it was revealed that she had not taken her blood pressure pills due to an upset stomach. We arranged for a doctors home visit and left her in the care of her daughter.

Next up was a gentleman who had been found at the bottom of his stairs by a carer. We was given the job as a fall….but where from we did not know yet. Arriving scene we found him on the floor at the foot of the stairs, not injured, having NOT fallen down the stairs but incredibly drunk. Again this chap refused hospital treatment. So we patched him up and left the carer to get him settled in bed.

We then got a call to another fall…again this was an elderly gentleman who was rat arsed!!! He had slipped onto the floor and his wife could not get him back on the chair. Again he did not want, or require, treatment at hospital.

Shortley after we attended a very large house with electric gates, gravel drive, numerous cars and a stunning garden (what we could see of it in the dark). The patient was a 38 year old with upper back pain, stabbing in nature. Once again we monitored and did all the normal observations. Whilst doing this he became pain free and declined to go to hospital.

Called to back up a crew with 2 patients from a street fight. One was reported unconscious. We got “stood down” before we arrived at scene.

By now me and my mate are thinking that we wont have to go to A/E at all tonight at this rate! Back at station and once the kettle boils….the alerter goes off!

Tasked to an elderly gent in a care home vomitting blood. On closer inspection the blood appears to be like “coffe grounds” (indicative of a possible ulcer). This chap is taken in to the A/E for assessment.

Then its back to base for a cup of tea and something to eat. Strange shift so far, just hope we dont get a late job!