The Dark Side….


Getting ready for another funfilled shift of night time shenanigans with the public.

I wonder….how many will be drink related?  What ever happened to being arrested for being “Drunk & Disorderly” or “Drunk & Incapable”?

Will I be able to use my Paramedic training in Advanced Trauma Life Support, pre-hospital thrombolysis, paediatrics, gynae, obstectrics and all the other advanced techniques/procedures that I have learnt?

Or will I be sorting out drug/alcohol fuelled night people who have drunk far too much (and now say their drinks been spiked) or the ones who are vomitting all over the place, or the unfortunate ones who get the “big hello” from someones size 9 boots or a knife?

We will see……..


One Response to The Dark Side….

  1. ecparamedic says:

    “My drinks were spiked”

    It’s up there with ‘I’ve got big bones’, ‘I walked into a door’ and ‘I was vacuuming the bathroom in the nude’ isn’t it? 🙂


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