Carry on Carrying…


Reading a post from ECParamedic recently, or was it NFI ? reminded me of a job I did last week on nights.

Called to a house to back up a crew….no details given as to why. Could be a hand with a heavy patient, could be a difficult resus, or a multiple casualty situation, it could be anything!

As it turned out the crew had been called 999s to a house to a renal dialysis patient who had necked a full bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey. Patient had gone into a sudden hypo (massive blood sugar reduction). The patient was fitting and was also quite heavy. It was impossible to get a line in and he appeared to be extending mostly. (Rigid extension of arms and legs due to a central nervous system reaction).

In short, he needed to be in hospital asap. There was no way we could have safely carried him on our carry chair so we decided to use the scoop stretcher. (special metal or plastic stretcher which splits in two and enables us to “scoop” the patient in the postion found.)

With the patient strapped securely to the scoop we started to carry him out, negotiating the narrow door way into the even more narrow hallway. It was at this point that we had to tipp the scoop sideways to edge through the door. (Bearing in mind that the patient was 16 stone plus.)

Eventually we get the patient onto the vehicle stretcher placed outside the front door and then onto the vehicle. From there he was transported to the hospital.

All of this could have been made much easier if we had a simple piece of equipment called the “carry sheet”. Basically a very strong sheet with grab handles at regular intervals. I,ve used this in the past on difficult extrications from houses, down stairs, from under vehicles and other situations where the space has been limited.


Why then have these bits of kit disappeared?  


One Response to Carry on Carrying…

  1. ecparamedic says:

    We’ve still got them out this way, the Vac Mattresses are pretty good for this sort of thing too.


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