Blood, Sick & Tears…..


 Well I,ve just got up after having about 5 hours kip. Got back home in the very early hours of the morning after a shift on the Foxtrot Oscar response car. A fairly busy shift but not as busy as I expected although the calls lived upto their expectations.

Went to the Ambulance Station and picked up the response vehicle. Checked all the equipment in the back: oxygen, entonox, defibrillator/monitor, dressings/bandages bag, main green bag with all the medicinal drugs and intervention kit and made sure there was plenty of spare stuff to replace items when used.

Picked up hand held radio and mobile phone and placed on vehicle along with maglite torch, personal helmet,  sandwichs and flask of tea. (Last two items most important).

Next was a short drive to pick up the Police officer who I was crewing up with for the next eight hours.  Picked up “Mike” and called my Ambulance control to inform them that we were operational. Tasked by control to patrol the city centre. The shift covers the main part of the night when it usually gets busy with drink related incidents…the idea being that we can assess the assault/collapse/”spiked drink”/unconscious calls and hopefully treat on scene thereby freeing up the crews for real emergencies.

Two minutes into the shift and our first call is to a stabbing just within the city centre area. Blues & Twos on and we,re on scene within 3 minutes at a block of flats. People are screaming at us to help, my police colleague is calling for extra police backup (already called enroute). Making sure that the scene is safe we enter the property and find a late 30ish male doing the backstroke in pools of his own blood!

It soon becomes obvious that he is in drink and drugs (no shit Sherlock!) but there is confusion as to what has happened and people are calling him by different names. A friend/neighbour/passerby had a blood soaked towel pressed firmly on the patients leg over his mid thigh. Whilst trying to calm him down I cut his trousers and take a look at the wound and find a 2 inch long stab wound which appears to have stopped bleeding….for the moment.

The friends/neighbours/passerby state that it was spurting but I think its more of a venous bleed. This is where the fun starts. The patient in his drug/alcohol fuelled state stands up and opens the tap wide for his leg to start gushing blood all   over the floor. Trying to get him back on the floor and raise his leg is nigh on impossible, so I attempt to put a pressure bandage on his wound whilst he is trying to get away. (My police colleague believes he is wanted on warrant).

Eventually as he tires and his blood pressure lowers more, we get him on the deck and get his leg raised up and put more pressure bandages on. The crew turn up and with alot of cajoaling and straight talking he is taken to the ambulance. Turns out he had an argument with his girlfriend and stabbed himself in the leg (as you do….) and thought he was going to get nicked. An easy job from an ambulance point of view but awkward for the police due to the mis-information and drugs aspect etc. Also messy from my point of view as my hi-vis jacket got covered in claret!

The rest of the shift consisted mainly of drunk women collapsed on pavements or in pub toilets. Each one said their drink had been spiked which I know does happen from time to time but the signs & symptoms are different from massive amounts of alcohol on an empty stomach. Others included people falling over and sustaining minor injuries to a few who who were training for the world vomitting championshps!

Towards the end of the shift we are tasked to an unconscious male after an assault outside the city centre. Again Blues & Twos on and we arrive at scene in about 5 minutes. There is already a police unit on scene and a couple of public first aiders have put the casualty in the recovery position and watching his airway. A quick assessment shows that he has a fractured jaw at least, he is unconscious and his airway is in jeopardy. A quick call to ambulance control for a crew asap. His mouth is full of blood so before I attempt to insert an o/p airway I sweep the bulk of the fluid away with the o/p tip.

At this he starts to come round a bit and proceeds to spit blood and vomit onto the floor….followed by partially digested pizza and copious amounts of what appears to be…mmmhm let me think, aaahhh yes alcohol! All over my boots!

The cause of this 17 year olds injuries are as the result of a massive beating and kicking by multiple assailents. The crew turn up and we place him on the stretcher as he is still very disorientated and off he goes to the A/E.    

A rather busyish shift and I did,nt get to eat my sandwichs or drink my tea….unheard of for me! This shift was different to regular ambulance work as we got sent to police related incidents too. All in all its a good scheme and I look forward to my next shift. And so to breakfast….!!!


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    Hi Steve,

    I’ve linked your blog onto mine mate.


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